Understanding and Overcoming the Spiritual War: A Guide to Pigs in the Parlor

Understanding and Overcoming the Spiritual War: A Guide to Pigs in the Parlor"Pigs in the Parlor" is a book written by Frank Hammond and Ida Mae Hammond that offers insight into the spiritual realm, how to understand it, and how to have a better relationship with God. This book is a Bible-based, in-depth look at the spiritual realm, demons, and how to have a better relationship with God.

Pigs in the Parlor is written from a Christian point of view to explain spiritual warfare and its related topics. It is divided into two parts. The first part, "The Door Into the Demonic Realm", is an exploration of the spiritual realm and the possible presence of invisible spiritual beings.

The second part, "How to Live Experientially in the Abundance of God", is about the effective use of spiritual gifts and how to live in harmony with Gods will. The Hammonds explain the dynamics of the spiritual war between God and Satan. They discuss the demonic presence inside people, transmitters of evil, and the presence of demonic influence within the world.

They also indicate the importance of prayer, fasting, and spiritual discernment in the fight against evil. The book talks about how to find freedom from demonic forces. It encourages readers to remain in a state of deep spiritual connection with God in order to gain wisdom and discernment. It explains how to overcome emotional afflictions, judgments, and hexes.

It details the use of the Bible for deliverance from demonic oppression to achieve spiritual freedom. The book provides practical advice about how to deal with spiritual warfare. It gives directives on how to confront the enemy using spiritual weapons such as prayer, fasting, and spiritual discernment.

It also provides strategies on how to use spiritual authority to command spirits to leave. The Hammonds also discuss how believers can use spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, and discerning spirits to fight against the enemy. They explain how to practice spiritual warfare and what to do when something isn't working.

Pigs in the Parlor is a great resource for those who are new to the spiritual realm or those who are struggling to maintain a healthy spiritual relationship with God. Each chapter provides information about a particular spiritual issue, and Hammond offers several practical strategies for dealing with the issue. Its focus on the Bible and Christian values makes it an invaluable resource for many Christians.


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