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Jonas Clark founded the Global Cause Network in 1999. The Global Cause Network (GCN) is a fellowship of Champion Partners focused on feeding the hungry, caring for orphans and abandoned children, providing leadership training, pioneering churches, spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom, and networking remnant believers that want to do something meaningful for Christ.

Thousands of believers across the globe feel like they don’t fit in. They have been rejected and despised for being too fervent, too bold, too zealous, too everything. Others are discontent with lifeless religion, stressed out by legalistic traditions, in debt, and searching for a meaningful identity. These people are just like Joshua and Caleb, they carry a different spirit and desire to see God’s power work through them to make the world a better place.

If this sounds like you, then take this opportunity to do something great, become a Champion Partner today with Apostle Jonas Clark and help him advance the Gospel throughout the nations. Together, we can make a difference.

Leon Apostolic Mission TripA dynamic organization that networks with Champion Partners that want to do something meaningful with their lives like reaching the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing the Kingdom of God, and helping children and orphans. From medical and dental care, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, we are ministering the love of Christ throughout the nations.

MAKING OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE -- You want to make a difference with your life, don’t you? That’s why you were attracted to the headline, "Making Our World a Better Place." You know you have a purpose, a calling, – a destiny. I understand how you feel. In fact, it seems like the older I get, the more concerned I am about doing something important with my life. I don't want to waste time doing things that don't improve the world.If you are like me, I am sure that you feel the same.

Let me tell you a little about what we do and why.


alt="Global Cause Network Conference"EVANGELISM -- the Great Commission is the GCN’s central focus. Jesus said, "Go ye into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). Through international crusades, we see thousands of people give their lives to Jesus. Champion Partners receive many opportunities to join in the harvest.
 MISSION TEAMS: GOING TO THE NATIONS -- GCN Champion Partners have opportunities to join Jonas on invasion teams assembled to reach the nations with the gospel. Already, GCN teams have traveled to England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Nicaragua, and Honduras.


EMPOWERING PEOPLE -- One key tactic of the GCN is building a leadership infrastructure in developing nations that promotes social investment, empowerment, and self-sustaining ministries. Jonas works with a team that trains hundreds of leaders each year through various workshops and strategic roundtables.

PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTING TEACHING MATERIALS -- Preaching is not enough. Jesus told us to teach all nations. Effective teaching requires educational materials. The GCN is heavily involved in publishing and distributing thousands of books, CD's, and relevant teaching materials.

SUMMITS: LIFE-CHANGING IMPARTATION -- Gatherings are held in various countries each year designed to expose you to anointed reformers who impart and activate you in ministry. Our annual GCN conferences, for example, are held at our world headquarters each November and April in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

alt="Feeding the Hungry and Poor"LOVING PEOPLE

FEEDING THE POOR -- There are over 1 billion people in the world living on less than one dollar per day. Eight million people die of hunger every day, including over 30,000 children. That’s why Jonas and the GCN team are committed to building a better world by attacking the causes of poverty. We join the cause of eradicating poverty worldwide by feeding the poor and helping them to feed themselves.

alt="Apostle Jonas Nurturing Orphans"PROVIDING A SAFE HARBOR FOR ORPHANS & CHILDREN The GCN partners with other ministries around the world, such as Casa Bethesda in Managua, Nicaragua, to help those who can’t help themselves—orphans and children. With the help of Champion Partners, hundreds of orphans and children are provided with a great Christian education, health care, safe housing, food, and clothing. What a joy it is for Champion Partners to answer the prayers of a little child.

MEDICAL CARE FOR THE SICK -- The GCN works with health care professionals and medical teams who volunteer their time to minister to hundreds of needy families. One clinic on the Atlantic Coast of Bluefields, Nicaragua, for example, handles over 9,300 patients yearly.

GCN is a dynamic organization that is changing and growing as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Become a GCN Champion Partner with a monthly gift of $30.00 or more. Your contribution could save a lost soul, feed a hungry child, print language-specific materials, or heal the sick. (Click here to partner.)

As thanks for partnering with Jonas to reach the next generation, you get the following benefits: exclusive members-only Internet access to on-demand church services, select workshops, the Kingdom Living Broadcast, and live church services as available. Members only content deals with apostolic ministry, prophetic ministry, spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, overcoming the Jezebel spirit, developing spiritual discernment, getting prayer answers, and effective Spirit-led living. This on-demand video access is exclusive for Champion Partners.



1 . Powerful teachings designed to equip you to fulfill the call of God on your life and ministry.

2 . Global Cause Network gatherings for impartation, activation, confirmation, and releasing you into ministry.

3 . Focus and direction to help you discover your role in the body of Christ.

4 . Fellowship opportunities that encourage divine appointments by connecting you with others who carry the same passion.

5 . An alliance of believers with a common goal of reaching the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

6 . Opportunities to travel to the nations as part of a team working with others in exciting hands-on ministry.

7 . Exclusive access to weekly videos on demand:

On-Demand Church Services

Workshops for Equipping

Kingdom Living Broadcast: Watch Apostle Jonas interview special guests covering various topics of interest to remnant believers.

When available, live services are provided.

8. GCN Conference and Seminar Discounts: Receive 10% off all GCN conference registrations.

9. eStore Discounts: Receive 10% discounts on all Jonas Clark Ministries products at the Launch and Gathering conferences.

10. Treasures in Heaven - If there is anything that God truly blesses, then it must be world evangelism. By becoming a Champion Partner, you reap the same reward as Jonas for every soul saved, hungry person fed, deliverance provided, and healing manifested.

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