The Rainbow Coup: The Threat of LGBT Takeover

The USA is in the middle of an LGBTQ+ coup. A coup d'état, or simply a coup, is a means of changing a government or society by any means necessary. It is an insurrection against a government or nation, usually conducted by a small group or faction within it and often with the assistance of deceived university students and propaganda media leaders.

All of this is a call for the disciples of Christ to beat their plowshares into swords and fight back. This coup attempt is gaining momentum and must be withstood by God's intercessors and warriors. Every Christian leader should be contending with this.

Here are some interesting steps that these coup apologists use to advance their  seditious agenda. Let's call them the rainbow people for now because they are really not gay but deceived walkers of darkness.  

1. Establish the goals and objectives of the rainbow coup.

2. Form a group of like-minded Rainbow supporters.

3. Plan the strategy and tactics of the Rainbow coup.

4. Acquire or build the necessary resources to execute the rainbow coup.

5. Seize control of strategic targets, such as government authorities like FBI, DOJ, IRS, courts, school boards, financial institutes, public schools and universities.

6. Use wedge weapons such as racism and climate change to break up any unity among those that resist the deception back.  

7. Use rainbow propaganda to build public support and weaken the opposition.

8. Take control of the media outlets, such as Hollywood, social media, and main street media. 

9. Launch frivolous lawsuits against the existing opposition supporters. 

10. Overthrow the existing national moral fabric and declare the new rainbow-celebrated government.

As already said, the USA is currently facing a dangerous LGBT+ coup where a group of like-minded individuals are attempting to overthrow the existing moral fabric of the nation in order to take control of the country and institute their own goals and objectives.

Their plan of action involves the acquisition of the required resources to carry out the coup while also attempting to form alliances both inside and outside the nation in order to secure support for their cause. The coup coordinators have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to spread their message throughout the population using the media as a vessel while launching frivolous court cases against the government’s current decision-makers in order to weaken the opposition.

The most recent and concerning development in this attempted homosexual coup is the planned or attempted takeovers of various strategic locations, such as the local school boards, the FBI, DOJ, and even various national companies such as Chick-fil-A, Target, and of course the Bud Light brand.

If successful, this would allow the LGBTQ+ to not only gain control of the nation but also control its future. If successful, lawlessness will sweep the nation. God shall not be mocked. Furthermore, once the takeover is complete, the homosexuals will begin to introduce their own national amoral framework and replace the nation’s current values, norms, and institutions with those better reflecting their beliefs.

Church, pastors, disciples, now is not the time to shrink back but a time to run to the battle line. God says, At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow. Gird yourself and contend for the faith.


Your partner,
(c) Apostle Jonas Clark








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