Spiritual War Against Wiles of Jezebel Spirit

Spiritual War Against Wiles of Jezebel Spirit

Jezebel is like a volcano ready to explode at any moment, and the internal warfare is tremendous. The Holy Ghost pressure cooker puts Jezebel on a bed of tribulation and the internal warfare is intense. You must be spiritually discerning, treat each person with grace and love, and understand when the grace period is up it is time to act. Say no and mean it, put on the armor of God, and fight the spiritual war against the wiles of the Jezebel spirit. Victory is yours when you resist.

Aain, Jezebel is like a volcano ready to explode at any moment, and the internal warfare is tremendous. When God puts Jezebel on a bed of tribulation, she can expect severe bouts of depression, mental instability leading to a dysfunctional mess. That internal warfare is the bed of tribulation.

This is the Holy Ghost pressure cooker. Because God gives Jezebel a space to repent (grace), you must be all the more spiritually discerning. This is where spiritual maturity is important. More than likely when you met a person with a Jezebel spirit that spirit was dormant and invisible but now the space to repent is over, the Jezebel spirit is no longer hidden and attempts to usurp authority, seduce, control, manipulate, teach and prophesy by familiar spirits. She moves out in all the various Jezebel operations we discuss.


Scripture confirms when repentance is rejected God puts Jezebel on a bed of tribulation. There is no escaping it for her. That bed of great tribulation is pressure. I liken that pressure to a nervous breakdown. Signs of a nervous breakdown include:

Falling apart
Avoiding social engagements
Trouble sleeping
Getting sick easily
Outburst of anger
Withdraw from loved ones
Loss of joy
Excessive worry
Uncontrolled emotions
Paranoid thinking
Can’t emotionally bounce back. 

When the Jezebel spirit moves from dormant to manifestation, you have to change. The way we have handled this is to treat every person with grace and love until such a time as Jezebel manifest. When Jezebel manifests, your relationship has now changed, and you must not be controlled or manipulated. You must act without delay. You are an adult and don’t need her permission to do what’s right. A manifestation is apparent when Jezebel violates your relationship, trust, boundaries, starts to seduce, control and manipulate with her various witchcraft. Notice this pattern: grace, law, and judgment. 


God extends a grace period for maturity and conforming to his word. You also extend a grace period for developing personal relationships. During the grace period, you get to know each other. Relationships are tested, and trust developed or violated. When grace is violated, God moves to the next phase of a discipline called the law. Biblical laws (sanctions) are given for our protection. Laws offer guidance for moral, social, civil, and righteous behavior. When laws are broken, then God moves into the next phase called judgment. In other words, a man reaps what he sows. If you sow to the flesh, you shall reap of the flesh. Another scripture says, “The wages of sin is death.” So we see a pattern of grace, law, and judgment. This means you give people loving grace while developing a relationship. When they trample on grace, then you must tell them the way it is. That’s laying down the law or telling people what’s expected of them. It’s telling them what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. This is what God does with us. He gives us grace and His Word. From His Word, we learn what’s expected of us. 


After hearing the law and if a person refuses to follow the rules then you have no choice but to enter the judgment phase. Judgment puts distance between you and Jezebel. The judgment phase could be terminating the relationship, removing that person from a leadership position, or entering some probationary period until repentance is confirmed. All relationships are built on trust. Jezebel violates trust. If she doesn’t repent, you have no choice but to terminate the relationship. I coined this saying, “There is no foundation for reconciliation without repentance.” This means that relationships are restored only after repentance. No repentance and real change then absolutely no restoration of relationship. Repentance is more than words. Repentance consists of actions of changed behavior that prove something has changed within the heart.


 Again, God said I gave her space to repent. That time period to repent is up to God and the person needing deliverance from the Jezebel spirit. The part that is up to you is this when you see the Jezebel spirit awaken from its dormant sleep and start operating you must act. At this point, you have a big potential problem if you fail to act regardless of the wonderful relationship you had in the past with that person. I know it sounds hard but at this point “you cannot suffer Jezebel” to operate in your life, among your family members, among your children, or in your ministry. This means you have to say no. What you allowed before in your relationship cannot be allowed now. Period. 


Just like a volcano the word “no” will make the Jezebel spirit erupt and go ballistic toward you. Let it happen, the sooner, the better. When she goes ballistic, remember it’s not your fault. The Jezebel spirit tries to make every uncomfortable situation seem like it’s your fault. The truth is as long as you were saying yes to her control everything was fine, but the day you decided to say no then all hell started breaking loose. Ignore that emotional witchcraft and stand your ground. Be civil but firm. When the Jezebel spirit awakens, you must step back and see what’s going on. You can’t validate a Jezebel’s spirits actions by your inaction. You are a warrior, get that armor on and fight back.


Said already, when you say no to the Jezebel spirit, the war will begin. That spiritual war is your path to freedom. Put on the whole armor of God and stand against the wiles of this spirit. You have no other choice if you desire to live in victory. The good news is that you win when you resist. Learn all you can about spiritual warfare, your delegated authority given by Christ, breaking the powers of witchcraft that attack your mind, how to use the name of Jesus, and all the weapons available in the Word of God.

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