How the Bible Speaks Out Against the Practice of Witchcraft

The Bible speaks out strongly against witchcraft and other forms of occult practices, calling them an "abomination" and a form of "idolatry" (Deuteronomy 18:12). It is clear throughout Scripture that these practices are opposed by God and that participating in them will bring about serious consequences (Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, 1 Samuel 15:23).

In the Old Testament, there are several examples of Gods disapproval of witchcraft. The very first example is in Exodus 22:18, when God commands that "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." In 1 Samuel 28:7, Saul seeks out a witch to summon the spirit of Samuel when God has already rejected him as king. God sent an evil spirit to possess Saul and drive him to his death.

The law was clear in the Old Testament that witchcraft was not to be tolerated. In Leviticus 20:27, God commanded that people who practice such arts be put to death. In Deuteronomy 18:10, God warned his people not to "learn to act like the nations." This was meant as a warning not to practice any of the occult arts that were practiced by neighboring nations.

The New Testament speaks out even more strongly against witchcraft, warning against any kind of involvement with it. In Revelation 21:8, those who practice sorcery and divination are included in the list of those who are going to the lake of fire. In Galatians 5:19–21, we can see that the practice of witchcraft is among the "works of the flesh" that will lead to death.

In Acts 13:6–12, Paul spoke out against the practice of sorcery in an effort to convince the people of Antioch to turn away from it. Throughout the Bible, God makes it clear that any kind of involvement in witchcraft is opposed by Him and brings consequences ranging from physical death to eternal punishment.

This is a direct warning against giving any kind of ground to the devil. The Bible also speaks of the impact of involving oneself in sorcery and other occult practices. In Isaiah 47:12–14, a passage that speaks about the sorceresses of Babylon, there is a warning against gaining power and security through such practices. In Jeremiah 27:9–10, God warns against giving in to the false prophecies of sorcerers and diviners.

Finally, in Exodus 22:18, one can find a reminder that no involvement with such sorceries should be accepted, even if its done in a "timid" manner, as if it were simply for entertainment. We can see from the Bible that God strongly opposes witchcraft and other occult practices. 

Not only is it a rejection of God, but it also has serious consequences. Furthermore, we can learn from Scripture that it is not something to be foolishly entertained for our own amusement or to gain power and security. Those who choose to practice sorcery and divination will find themselves in opposition to God and at risk of punishment.


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