Understanding the Challenges of the Modern Woman

Understanding the Challenges of the Modern WomanWomen are strong, independent, and capable of achieving great things. They are the glue that holds families together, the nurturers and caretakers, and the display of God's loving and caring side.

Women are powerful forces, with the ability to be both gentle and strong. Let's come together and empower each other to rise to the challenge of being successful and achieving our dreams. 


During a women's meeting, the women replied that a woman is a leader, humble, independent, loving, and a listener. She is a caring multi-tasker, a pillar of strength and courage, and a strong conqueror for her husband and kids. Women are the "glue" that holds them together, and the finished work of God, a display of the loving, nurturing, and caring side of God.

She is the friend of God, a helpmate, and a mother who births creation. Women are precious, loved, and of great value. They are encouragers to the unencouraged and prayer warriors who weep and wail as they intercede not only for themselves but for others.

A woman is a guide who brings tenderness and care, a winner, and a daughter of God. She is a peacemaker, an artist, emotionally intelligent, strong, and selfless. She is graceful, a problem solver who lets the Lord give her direction on solving issues within the family, and obedient to the Holy Spirit. She has a heart after God and is a powerful force with the ability to be soft and gentle.

A woman is capable of moving her children forward and always being there for them. She is the female gender of the human species, someone who is comfortable and confident in who she is and the virtues she carries. A woman exemplifies beauty; she has XX chromosomes and is the apple of God’s eye.

She turns the house into a home, being a multi-faceted blessing with strengths and weaknesses that make her unique in the special way God created her for His divine purpose on earth.

The women were also asked what topics they were most interested in.


Women in today’s society are faced with a multitude of issues, and it can be difficult to find the support and guidance they need to address these issues. As Christian women, we should be looking for ways to bridge the gap between age groups and empower each other to work in our marketplace, at home, and in life in general.

One way to do this is to allow those mature in the faith to minister to the young. Networking and developing relationships are key components in this process and can be used to help prepare young women for a future husband.

Marriage and family are also important topics that need to be addressed and discussed. Women need to understand the challenges of family life, as well as how to be a godly wife, or "Proverbs 31 woman". Parenting is another area in which women need guidance, as becoming a mother can be a difficult transition.

Other topics that need to be discussed are sexuality, mental health, how to handle dreams and goals, leadership, Holy Spirit-led living, strength, self-confidence, faith, walking in God’s purpose, being a godly influence, business and finances for women, women’s health, loving God more, flowing in the anointing, learning to stand firm in being a better person and establishing yourself in the authority of Jesus Christ, how to disciple and empower other women, staying strong and consistent in the Lord, receiving the love of God as a woman, and deliverance.

It can be difficult to find the resources and support necessary to address these topics, but it is possible. By creating an environment of acceptance, understanding, and support, women can be empowered to become the strong, confident, and successful individuals that God has called them to be. We must be willing to listen to, learn from, and support each other in our journeys. By doing this, we can bridge the gap between age groups and equip each other with the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to succeed.

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