Prophetic Imagination All Things Possible

PROPHETIC IMAGINATION 1Prophetic imagination has no boundaries and is never hindered by a lack of education. Consider this, with imagination you can enter the past and the future. Imagination is a wonderful tool to manifest the Kingdom of God in your life. Let me explain.

After the fall in the garden of Eden man did not lose his ability to use imagination. The imagination, however, became corrupted. It could now imagine both good and evil. The good news is you can cast down vain imaginations and redirect your imagination to think, create, and bring forth God’s purpose for your life.

All creativity and innovation come through prophetic imagination. Think about this, all things visible were created first in the realm of the unseen, the prophetic imagination. God created you with the ability to dream and to do great things. He continues to have high expectations. He expects you to multiply, produce, increase, subdue and take dominion of this world (Genesis 1:27). Imagine that.

As a disciple of Christ, you are part of a royal priesthood, a priesthood of kings. Have you ever heard it said that Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords? Who are these kings and rulers? The answer is you and I, born-again believers. God created you with the ability to change the world starting with your world. Nothing can stand in your way. Believe today and use your prophetic imagination to change your circumstances and order your life for Christ in a brand new way.

The power of prophetic imagination is part of your human design. You were created with the ability to be led by the Spirit of God in your inner man and created with the capacity to see all things possible within your redeemed imagination. Creation, and the ability to bring forth, is part of the nature of God who created all things from an image He saw, spoke, and brought into being. 

Through prophetic imagination, you can design your own virtual world. From that which is unseen, you can bring forth into the world which is seen. Gustav Klimt was a famous Austrian Art Nouveau painter. His painting “Portrait of a Lady in Red” was sold at Christie’s auction house for $4 million dollars in 2001. He said, “Anyone who wants to know something about me ought to look carefully at my pictures.” God could surely say the same, “Anyone who wants to know more about me should look at my pictures.” God's grandeur is seen from mountaintop to mountaintop and from shining sea to shining sea. What are you seeing within your imagination? 

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