Means of Production and Economic Liberty

Means of Production and Economic LibertyMeans of production and economic liberty is a gift from God. Your means of production is the road to wealth creation and economic freedom. God said, “Be fruitful, multiply, increase, subdue, and take dominion.” This is God's expectation and your covenant blessing.

In Leon, Nicaragua I was able to fellowship with several of the Global Cause Network leaders and pastors. GCN is a fellowship of Champion partners that help me take the Gospel of Christ into the nations. Leon is the old capital city of Nicaragua and is the country’s most liberal stronghold. The Lord has been focusing on the kingship of the believer (1 Peter 2:9). This teaching is liberating hundreds of precious people.


In the Old Testament, we see the anointing come on the priest, king, and prophet. These same three anointings are available for us today and are imparted by the same Holy Spirit. Coupling that understanding with the message of the restoration of all things (Acts 3:19-21) brings the revelation that God put gifts in everyone. As already said, those gifts lead toward the revelation that God expects all of us to produce, multiply, increase, subdue, and take dominion. Two of the leaders at the meeting never went to school and could not read for most of their lives. After joining one of our churches, they were taught to read. We would consider them from the company of the poorest of the poor.

Biblical teachings about the restoration of the Kingdom of God helped these two lovely disciples recognized that poverty was not of God and that He had blessed them to produce. The focus of the teachings is not about economic prosperity. The focus is on the continued ministry of Jesus, His kingship continuing in us. The economic success is the result of seeing Christ as Savior and King. Anyway, this awakened in their born-again spirits possibilities of being able to do something besides just surviving.

The revelation of God’s blessing and expectation conflicted with their old communistic upbringing and eventually broke their dependence on the propaganda of the country’s leaders. Radical propaganda leads to statism. Statism is the worship of the state as protector-provider and is forbidden in Exodus 20. This is why I am opposed to the infiltration of socialistic teachings.

The wife is a fantastic cook, her husband a butcher. The Lord impressed her to raise a pig, butcher and sell. It's doubtful that would interest you, but it did her. A pig cost around thirty dollars. That's a lot of money for the average person in this country, about a weeks pay. After saving their money, they were able to buy their first two-month-old pig. After a while, the pig was old enough to butcher. The lady opened a little business out of her house. Now that gift in her is growing, people are coming to eat, she is making money, and witnessing to her customers. The love to serve people was already in her. The love to cook was already in her. The revelation of "blessing through production" was not.

Boy taking a rideIt’s amazing that such a simple truth helped this couple see the goodness of God. Understanding that God put a means of production in them released them from a servitude mentality that kept them in economic slavery. They were able to see that God expected them to do something with His blessings. They believed the word of putting first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt 6:33) and the blessings of the Holy Spirit came upon their family, and a measure of economic freedom followed.

This may not sound very prosperous to you, but these simple, uneducated folks were making under eighty-five dollars a month. Now they have doubled their income and are a great testimony of the goodness of Christ. If they can do it so can you. What gift is in you that will double your income? What are you giving the Holy Spirit to bless? Are you putting first the Kingdom of God? Are you faithful to the Lord?

Speaking to them was very humbling for me. While they were sharing, I was thanking God for your faithfulness to pray for me. I gave them a big hug from you and me. Thank you again for remembering the poor. I cherish your partnership.

Your partner,

Apostle Jonas Clark







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