Examining the Great Reset from a Christian Perspective

Examining the Great Reset from a Christian PerspectiveThe term "Great Reset" is often used to represent sweeping changes currently underway in the global economy and society that pretend to "build back better" from the pandemic.

Christians should be particularly concerned with these changes, as they could ultimately lead to a dramatic shift away from the values, beliefs, and traditional ways of living cultivated in the Bible.

First, Christians should be wary of sweeping changes to the economy that put emphasis on pursuing the agenda of "sustainability". While sustainability is an admirable goal, some of the proposed policies associated with it could be problematic for Christians.

This includes policies that could impact the right to own private property, allocate resources in such a way as to constrain an individuals ability to make a living, or place harsh restrictions on businesses or corporate structures that could make it difficult to satisfy the mandate in 1 Timothy 5:8 for Christians to "provide for their families."

Second, Christians should remain vigilant about potential shifts in biblical values and beliefs cultivated by the Great Reset. This includes potential initiatives to promote a sense of global unity and solidarity that could be at odds with the teaching in Ephesians 4:4-6 to uphold "one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope through your faith in Christ."

It could also include attempts to normalize behaviors or practices that might be at odds with Christian beliefs, such as embracing certain areas of artificial intelligence, the potential rise of a global biometric authentication system complete with microchip implants, and other technological advances that could be misused.

Third, Christians should remain cautious about embracing dramatic shifts in traditional ways of living. The Bible encourages us to live in "unity with one another" (John 17:22) and to pursue a "life worthy of the calling" (Ephesians 4:1). This could be difficult to achieve if the "great reset" were to include a dramatic overhaul of basic systems of government that might alter the way individuals interact with one another and their ability to engage in church activities.

The "Great Reset" is a far-reaching initiative that could have serious, very serious, consequences for those who follow the teachings of the Bible. Christians should remain vigilant in monitoring developments associated with it and ensuring that any proposed changes align with its principles. This can be done best by reading Scripture, praying for wisdom, and understanding the issues at hand as they develop. By doing so, Christians can take a proactive role in protecting the core values of their faith for generations to come. The plan of a global reset is a demonic move away from faith in God toward faith in a globalists state administered by rulers of darkness and those principalities and powers that hate the God of the Bible, Christ Jesus as Lord.


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