Dark Forces Creating A New America

Dark Forces Creating A New AmericaDark forces are creating a new America. It’s an America very different than our Founding Fathers dreamed and penned. It’s an America governed by another spirit. Some think of a coming revolution but could it be the revolution has already taken place? Could it be possible that we are at the conclusion of the revolution and the end of the American Republic we so love? Can we dare think the inconceivable? Are we about to see the unveiling of a new America?

To understand the wickedness of this revolution is to understand the bondage of God’s people in Egypt. Scripture declares, “And the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians” (Exodus 3:7-8). This depicts a great deliverance offered by Jehovah for His people. It paints a picture of God’s people once free now in slavery, involuntary servitude, economic bondage, hopelessness, and despair. It reveals a people subjugated by force to a government ruled by a wicked Pharaoh whose will was carried out by rules and decrees.

Pharaoh’s law usurped the place of Jehovah’s word. The bondage that Pharaoh enslaved God’s people was not through force dear friend.  No, the people of God were not war slaves but subjects of an evil government through a “systematic and progressive” undermining of personal freedom, liberty and wealth destruction through debt.

Notice the words affliction, taskmasters, and sorrows.  Affliction, the process of enslavement. Taskmasters, agents of Pharaoh’s government. Sorrows brought about because of the inability to follow one's individual destiny.  Observe also the source of the bondage. It was economic and governmental intrusion, and, because of this, they could not activate God’s covenant blessing in their lives that said “Be fruitful, multiply, increase, subdue and take dominion.”

When you are in bondage you cannot fulfill your destiny. God’s promise was made void in this generation because of an evil government directed by a wicked despot. His challenge was how to rule God’s people. The answer was financial enslavement, debt servitude, and Statism.  Statism is a fascist concept that renounces individualism and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by a supreme leader. Statism says that man’s life and work belong to the State. Pharaoh was the supreme ruler of a Statist nation.

Thousands of sermons have been preached about God delivering His people from the hands of a fascist tyrant yet little is said about the origins of their bondage. I suggest to the reader that their “bondage was progressive” and didn’t happen overnight. Bit by bit their liberties were lost until finally, complete and utter slavery.

Pharaoh was the God of Egypt and as the supreme ruler to him only sourced the rule of law. The sword and the purse were in his hands alone.  Like his fellow Egyptians, however, his heart was deceitful and wicked. Without the laws of Jehovah to guide him he would rule from a reprobate mind and the carnal wisdom of the world and his advisers.

His captives were a religious bunch. Some were good citizens who just wanted to have the freedom to enjoy a good meal or the presence of friends and family. Others looked to the bankers of Egypt and still others to Pharaoh’s supreme wisdom, guidance, and protection. They had forgotten the mandates of God and embraced the wisdom of the world.

Some, however, continued to worship Jehovah God. That didn’t bother Pharaoh or his court. They could worship as they wanted as long as they did so privately. Pharaoh’s only concern was his world, a world free from the laws of God or anyone else’s for that matter. He offered an illusion of freedom to his citizens at first but as time passed the class society became visible to all. The have-nots were the real slaves, slaves to the masters of Pharaoh’s court. Surely Pharaoh offered freedom, hope, and change but in the end the people got nothing. They were only a means to an end. Think of it, a once free people now captive within a kingdom ruled by an autocrat who denied the Most High Jehovah. This rings true today. God’s people, a people riveted on the rapture of the Church who refuse to take their Christianity into a dark world but rather withdraw themselves, now content to be ruled over by reprobate God haters.

Over time the people of God realized they were trapped. They were no longer free men but indebted slaves with no hope of liberty. Their only real hope for change was prayer for God’s deliverance.  And yes God heard their cry and came down to deliver them. And deliver them he did. It was a mighty deliverance out of the house of economic bondage, a totalitarian government and wicked taskmasters and entrance into the Promised Land, a place of plenty, equal opportunity and a future.

From the Promised Land, we Christians have a rich history of God’s word to draw on. In fact, His Word has ordered and settled our lives, the Church, His Kingdom and our nation. Throughout history, it has laid the foundations for biblical guidance, the laws of society and principles of liberty with self-discipline, personal responsibility, hard work, and thrift.  From Him, we have learned the importance of virtue, labor, faith, diligence, fortitude, character, value of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have learned that Jehovah is God and Him only shall you serve.

Today the people of God face another Pharaoh and his wicked taskmasters. Throughout history, his face continues to change but his wicked spirit remains the same. His want is to rule the world and enslave the people once again. Only this time he tells the people it is for the “common good.” This beast is more subtle than ever.  He works within the known instruments of government. He has read the Constitution. He knows the workings of democracy. He understands the principles of American government and division of powers. To him, however, they are only instruments he can use to advance his serpentine agenda. He knows that ancient laws can remain as long as governing power remains in his hands. No, he doesn’t attack the ancient boundaries directly. He doesn’t need to. That would be too dangerous and costly to his hidden agenda. He simply redefines their meanings.

He understands those ancient boundaries and landmarks once used to guide the American Republic give a sense of stability so he shadows them, regulates them and changes the definitions of their purpose. Like muddy water he obscures their original purpose and replaces the muddy waters with another drink, the drink of socialism, Marxism and fascism. Again, like a shadow he imposes his interpretation and redefines the old landmarks.

He tells the people to trust the government. That he is the one well able to plan a perfect society, to be the paternal provider of a people not able to help themselves. He says that capitalism is dead, deficits don’t matter, we need more “stimulus,” banker bailouts, and the economic guidance of John Maynard Keynes. To him lies the ability to plan equality among men, wealth gained by the working man and rightfully redistributed by him in an equitable fashion. Each week he takes more and more out of our pay envelops but insists that individuality is harmful and conformity and submission to a central planner is our moral duty. To him provision for widows, orphans, the sick and disabled will be on his shoulders and the old and indigent need not worry. In short, faith in Christ is not necessary and religion is nothing more than the opiate of the people. So instead of private freedom, we citizens of the new America must use our faith, and trust government to administer freedom.  To the so-called elites, freedom is what they say it is and personal liberties granted only by their benevolence.

I suggest dear reader that the spirit of Pharaoh lives on and is dismantling the Republic bit by bit. His hardened will violates the very fabric of our Judeo and Christian society because he believes that he must have the freedom to violate our U.S. Constitutional rights for our own good. Once it was known as “We the People” and now that ancient landmark means nothing to him, for he alone knows best. This is why many Washington politicians refuse to listen to its citizens. The “disconnect” from we regular Joe-the-plumbers is real and the saying “no you don’t get it” is true because they don’t have to get it. To them citizens are only drones, bees without stingers only needed to cast the winning votes that end the contest, fill the revolution’s coffers and banish a once proud Lady Liberty. Perhaps you remember hearing words like this after an election, “I won.”

It has been said the anti-Christ Marxist “never waste a crisis.” That’s because every crisis helps build the empire, an empire that destroys our nation’s moral virtues, creates dependent tax surfs, economic slaves and “nudges” us toward Statism.  His doctrine of a planned economy unfolds itself daily. He is calculating and manipulates America’s citizens to subservience through rules, regulations, fines, and fees of his own making conjured up behind closed doors in darkened rooms. He chooses his advisors carefully for they must carry the same spirit as he: cunning, crafty and radical.


A great seduction has taken place in the American republic. We have experienced a revolution without challenge. A revolution through seduction and malice that has tranquilized our Christian America, dumbing down our school children and changing the fabric of a once free enterprising people with a dream of a better tomorrow gained through hard work, thrift and wise investment into a beguiling of socialistic entitlements offered by the paternalism of a Washington D. C. government.

This unchallenged revolution has changed the relationship between government and people.  Once upon a time “government was the responsibility of the people” yet now it has morphed into “people the responsibility of government.” “How did it happen,” you ask? It happened by evil design and the apathy of the American people. It was orchestrated by those of a different spirit, having the form of patriots and yet very un-American. To them politics was a contest to be won, not a calling to help your fellow man. It happened by those who saw the God of the Bible as a fairy tale for weak minds. It happened by those who thought of themselves as masters of the universe, the narcissistic and more able, yes well able to create the utopian society filled with enlightened men them too led by the supreme ones.

While the Church withdrew herself from the world as salt and light, became lukewarm and apathetic, morality became irrelevant and purpose forgotten. Families fell apart, marriage was redefined and children lost in all the drama. Freedom now meant a government free to govern man without restraint. Monitoring was more necessary with cameras at every traffic light intersection, satellite tracking technology, city code enforcement officers inspecting every man’s castle. Then came more permits, fees and license requirements for almost everything once free to every man to pay for the surveillance, all this the means to reach the goal of a totalitarian government, the new America.

Some voted for change and change they got. Where the Word of God once offered solutions to the wise, the enlightened agents of government saw more clearly. They saw a world where freedom once meant “freedom from the impulsions and compulsions of government” now changed to mean “freedom from any form of citizen self-government, responsibility and forward thinking.”  Even individuality was spoken evil of. What mattered was the man who served the State. The man that worked for the “common good.” The man that paid his “fair share.” The man that viewed paying taxes as his “patriotic duty.”

In the genesis of the 21st century, the definition of freedom was lost in a sea of other words that meant freedom for people to look to the government as savior, not toward the God of the bible or an outdated musty old document called the United States Constitution. No, freedom was usurped little by little from individual governing to servitude imposed by a wicked oligarchy of godless intellectuals, reprobate socialists, corrupt politicians, voracious banksters and anti-Christ Marxists hell bent on ushering in a new America.

As already said could it be possible that we are at the conclusion of the revolution and the end of the American Republic? Are we staring at a new America? Or has the sleeping giant that carries the same spirit as our founding fathers decided to awaken from her slumber? Can we redeem our great nation? And if so how can it be carried out?

Part of the answer will be found in our resolve to remove the shackles. To see through the deception. To avoid the seduction of Statism and see the hagfish that has latched itself on our American principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, dear brother, get back to God. It is He that offers us the light we need to find our way.

Shall “we the people” determine to throw off the oppressor while it is still day and insist we return to our roots as “one nation under God” governed by the U.S. Constitution? I say let’s do it. By the grace of God we shall. There is an unknown and often unsung verse in "America the Beautiful" that says, "America, America, God mend thine every flaw." Let the mending start today.

Your partner,

(c) Apostle Jonas Clark








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