Battling Serfdom And The Spirit Of Liberty

Battling Serfdom And The Spirit Of LibertyThe heathen have an agenda, destroy Christianity and enslave our nation. The agenda is demonic serfdom. Serfdom is slavery. The State is not your source of life, liberty, peace, and blessings. Your blessings come from above, from the King of Glory.

In the Kingdom of God, Jehovah is the Sovereign and will always be the Sovereign regardless of any democratic vote of its citizenry. State or Federal government, in contrast, has only delegated power and limited autonomy through the collective votes (consent) vested by its citizens. Therefore, the State can never be sovereign in the same way as Yahweh. Sovereign means “not controlled by outside forces.” It also means greatest in status, authority and power, autonomous and self-governed. Our God is self-governed. He alone is the Sovereign.


As we look to our Sovereign God our world view changes as we see him for who He is, the everlasting King of Glory. Daniel saw him in a new light when he said, “And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed” (Daniel 7:14).

As Sovereign, God has delegated a measure of authority and power to His sons and daughters. He also has an expectation of them to influence, rule and reign in this earth in righteousness. Some rule, others do not. Still others blame God for this or that evil but the truth is that God has delegated leadership through influence in this world to His sons and until we grasp this truth and enter the world as salt and light the wicked will continue to rule over the righteous.


Again, the wicked have an agenda. That agenda is a form of slavery. Slavery can come in various ways. In our generation, it comes through the loss of private property ownership, individual liberties, increased taxation, higher inflation, currency devaluation, and bigger and bigger government. The State is not our God.

In a large part, the move toward government sponsored serfdom is what we are experiencing today. It is the rise of the leviathan state. This serfdom through a socialistic agenda promoted by the new world order oligarchy will produce a conflict with the kingdom of God. There is no escaping it and no neutral ground to hide. Christians will come face to face with cultural warfare and statism. They will be forced to make a decision, engage society with the Gospel of the Kingdom or withdraw. I believe the same spirit that stirred our Founding Fathers will arise anew and we will see a revolution of righteousness that challenges the agenda of the unregenerate. Let those that have an ear hear.

As already said, the heathen have an agenda. Their agenda is motivated by greed, power, and self-centered demoralized natures. Scripture says they have not the wisdom of our God to rule having corrupted minds (Romans 1:28). Yet, in many cases, they are sitting in seats of governing authority. Why? Could it be when the Church of Christ refuses to empower the people to rule the heathen do?


Until we decide to get involved in leadership through influence and governing we will continue to have the heathen ruling over the righteous. Let’s look at bits of their wisdom and agenda to rule through various governing agencies. Some may disagree with this list but let’s look at it anyway as a means of exploration.

Federal Government Education

A nation’s most valuable resource is in the intelligence of their youth. Under our nation's warehouse school system, however, our children are not prepared for leadership but have just enough education to get a job at a local department store sweeping the floor.

Experimental schooling by social engineers graduates students that can’t even think and are barely able to read. Take the State of Illinois for example with only 17% of 8th graders able to read in 2007. It's worst today. Are these children the next generation of leaders or serfs? In contrast where do our Congressional leaders send their children to school? Where do your children attend school? Are you satisfied with their education or do you see a greater potential within them that is not being met through the Federal Government education monopoly? Jacques Barzum wrote in “Teachers of America” that you can gold plate the public schools and that won’t make them any better. Teachers are not the problem, the system is. Now America is getting prepared for Common Core.

Federal Reserve Banking System

The Federal Reserve is not Federal at all but a privately owned banking cartel and has no money reserves. It is not owned by the Federal Government. It does, however, have the ability to print money. This is called a fiat banking system. This banking system is out of control and destroying the purchasing power of the dollar. This organization is the seat of Mammon in our nation and left unchecked will lead our nation into a despotic new world order.

One morning you may wake up and find your savings worth half, the US Constitution revoked by force, and our nation’s sovereignty submitted under the United Nations because of some sort of national or global emergency. Governments do what they want for “the common good” even if it means breaking the law and enslaving its citizens.

Washington spending is out of control and madness has taken over. The national debt on January 1st, 1791 during George Washington’s 2nd term was 75 million. On September 30th, 2007 it was over 9 trillion. 2008 is over 10 trillion and 2014 over 17 trillion and 2018 over 20 trillion plus Social Security and Medicare obligations. Our committed debt is over $100 trillion and climbing. It’s obvious this will never be paid back and default or inflation through currency debasement is coming. Take a look around you because our nation will probably never see this level of prosperity again. If the financial direction of our Washington D.C. leadership doesn’t change right now then you can tell your grandchildren that you remember when there were public parks, zoos, libraries, lighted roads, all kinds of breakfast cereals on the grocer shelves and the time when we were free to travel without permits, pat downs, and national id cards. Sounds impossible doesn't it, but debts have due dates. 

The warfare for governing is a war we are loosing bit by bit. I blame this on the lack of leadership within the Church of Christ. Leaders should lead, but when God’s leaders become apathetic and lukewarm then the sheep are left to the governing wimps of heathen leadership. We aren’t loosing the cultural wars because the wicked are stronger. We are loosing them because we are not fighting back. The lack of equipping Christians to enter the marketplace as free market entrepreneurs, for example, has created a vacuum that is being filled by liberal socialists with a destructive agenda.


Socialism is destructive. It attacks the means of production within the nation. Our nation, once the most powerful “product producing” nation on earth has become a consumer nation enslaved by massive debt. We are more consumer-minded than production-minded. Much has already been written on this topic. The solution of our leaders in Washington D. C. is to print our way into prosperity. To the least rational working man this doesn’t make any sense. Printing our way out of debt and into prosperity is impossible and only hastens the collapse of the American dollar and ultimately our standard of living. The only way out of debt is through production, thrift, savings, and free market capitalism with limited government meddling. Our nation and our citizens must learn to live within their means. They can do it voluntarily or by force through bankruptcy.

Those that embrace a socialistic ideology think the Federal government can do better than the free market entrepreneur. They think they are creating a utopian society through enlightened intellectuals but history proves that socialism is inherently destructive. The best characterization of socialistic destruction is in the words of the nineteenth century historian Rene Stourm describing the demise of France during the French Revolution. See if you read any similarities with the current Washington D.C. leadership:

  • “Consume in the present to the utmost at the expense of the future.”

  • “Tomorrow never counted for them (the French Jacobin Revolutionaries).”

  • “Activities were conducted each day as if that day were the last. Such was the distinctive spirit of all the actions of the Revolution. Such is also the secret of its surprising duration.”

  • “The daily plundering of the accumulated reserves of a rich and powerful nation brought forth resources beyond all expectations.”

  • “The assignats (paper currency) so long as they were worth anything, as little as that might be, flooded the country in every-increasing quantities. The prospect of their collapse did not stop the emissions for a single instant; they stopped issuing them only when the public absolutely refused to accept, even when dirt cheap, any kind of paper money.”

Folks, leadership looks beyond short term fixes and considers the future consequences of your actions. There is an unavoidable price to pay for adding massive debt to debt.

We are loosing bits of our Christian values and American way of life because Christians have not been prepared in building, restoring, and governing leadership through righteousness. The Church and the American have been dumbed down. This is the result of a busted educational warehouse school system, corrupted politicians, and a failed pastoral-only, celebrity model of ministry that is ineffective.

The pastoral-only, celebrity model of ministry is a broken model and will not equip and empower the sons of God to engage the anti-Christ spirit sweeping our nation. If we don’t break out of this blessing-only, entertain-me-only model of ministry the next generation will enter a great depression of spiritual darkness and will lose many of our current religious freedoms. One day it may be illegal to write articles like this one, preach against sin like homosexuality, pray for people on the streets, lay hands on the sick, or even gather together to worship without a city permit. Have you noticed you need a permit for just about anything you want to do today?

Do I believe Christianity can be destroyed? Never, but it can be hindered. In the beginning of this essay, I said the heathen have an agenda. The agenda is serfdom. Serfdom is slavery. A serf is a slave that works the land for the State. God expects us to rise in dominion. To throw off this yoke of slavery we must prepare people to participate in Christ’s revolution of righteousness. If we continue to withdraw ourselves from the world, we can only compare ourselves to the wicked servant in the Parable of the Talents. If, on the other hand, we beat our plowshares into swords we can turn back the red tide and make this world a better place. Do you want to? Leaders, this is up to you. Our God, the Sovereign King of Glory has given us the land. Let us go up at once and possess it. Come on let’s fight together. We can win this war. Let the sons of God say no to serfdom.

(c) Apostle Jonas Clark








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