Battling Demonic Ideology And Radical Terrorism

Battling Demonic Ideology And Radical Terrorism


Radical Islam,Leadership, ParisGreat leaders are concerned for those under their care. Pastors have a duty to protect their sheep from false prophets, wolves, and dogs. They also concern themselves with promoting and protecting Biblical truth while guarding the sheep against the encroachment of error. As protectors, providers, counselors, and teachers, Christian leaders deal with these matters every day.

We could view the role of Christian leadership as having a fiduciary responsibility. In other words, knowing the flock belongs to the Lord and their care as first responsibility. Shepherds carry a staff and a rod, the staff to guide the sheep and the rod to protect the sheep from danger. 

The tragic events in Paris with 132 dead and dozens injured, both saddens and angers. We pray for the Holy Spirit to minister to the family of those that lost their lives and healing for those in the hospital. These events also anger us when demon possessed radical Islamists slaughter the innocent.

These events reveal the absolute inability of governments to protect those under their care. It is said, "When seconds count the police are only minutes away." This is a truism. Terrorists do not care about gun free zones, gun permits, street cameras, or laws against murder. These people are willing to die for their religious ideology of submission to Allah and death to the infidel.

Demonic ideology cannot be contained within national borders. This is a spiritual war manifesting itself in the natural realm. The Christian call to action must begin with repentance from sin, a call to prayer, equipping for spiritual warfare, and the awakening of real leadership on local and national levels. Currently, leadership on the national level is a disaster. Every time politics (professional politicians and lawyers) get involved, we the people lose more and more of our individual right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We become helpless sheep in Pharaoh’s pasture.  

Refugees Not Welcome in StatesISIS intends to strike in the USA, naming Washington DC as a target. They could strike anywhere. The responsible leader knows radical Islamists and sympathizers are already (right now!) in the country. To bring in more potential radicals, like the plan to import 10,000 Syrian refugees is irresponsible and endangers the lives of millions of people. We applaud the 27 State Governors pushing back on such an agenda. Let's hope they mean it. 

Our only personal defense against terrorism is found in the Second Amendment of The Constitution. That is the right to carry a firearm. (No State permission necessary.) To some the Constitutional right of the American people of self-protection is scary, but is it scarier than terrorists with Russian Kalashnikovs? It seems the State is more afraid of its citizens than terrorists. There are some that don’t want to carry personal protection; that is their individual choice, and we respect that. There are others that want the ability to protect themselves and those under their care. We should also respect that. It is immoral to force people to be defenseless.

Many are getting sick and tired of being pushed around and lied to by self-serving politicians, who swore to uphold The Constitution, but get elected only to undermine it. This should be an immediate impeachable offense. It is time for all officials, local and national, to support The Constitution. If not, they should be removed from office. Why swear an oath you are not willing to defend? The Second Amendment must be upheld. The wise leader understands the only protection from a madman with a gun is a responsible good man with a gun. Leadership is violated when no longer protecting those under their care nor letting them protect themselves.

While the political class is jetting off to discuss global warming as the most serious threat to humanity (give me a break), instead of reassessing immigration and border action, we should remember there are far more pastors in the world than politicians. Pastor, you have the responsibility to protect your flock. Don’t look to the State as protector and provider. Get in your position as a man or woman of God taking up your staff and rod. “See to thine own house” (1 Kings 12:16).

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