Discover the Five-Fold Apostolic Ministry for Your Church and Believers

Five-fold Apostolic MinistryLearn how to strengthen your local church and believers with the five-fold apostolic ministryFive-fold apostolic ministry is key to victory. The revelation about five-fold apostolic ministry came to me around 1996. Others may have received insight earlier, but that’s about the time the Holy Spirit began dealing with me. Over the last twenty years, many have taught various things about apostolic ministry, apostolic definition, and sadly, some promoted it like any other passing fad.

Well, today, the fad is over and the apostolic model of ministry is just as important as ever. I would say it’s vital to the strengthening of every local church and believer. It is also important to you as a minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom and as an individual that wants to make a difference with your life. You need apostolic grace and this video explains it all.

At the beginning of our transition into a more effective model of ministry we prayed, counseled with other leaders, compared notes, studied the Scriptures and were able to draw some biblical conclusions. Among them was the understanding that the pattern for an apostolic local church model was found within the New Testament. Imagine that! What we discovered was the apostolic church was the only model for a New Testament church. This challenged our thinking because the only model we had ever experienced was a pastoral only model of ministry.

Within the pastoral-only model, the pastor pretty much did all the ministry functions. Those of you that are still stuck in the pastoral-only model know what I am referring to. The only requirement of the people was to faithfully attend services, serve where needed (or begged) and pay tithes while waiting for the rapture.

Today, we know our former model of ministry was flawed and only prepared people for heaven and not much here on the earth. They were spectators who came to church for blessing only. This is why the pastoral model of ministry doesn’t work and churches are not surviving the attacks of our generation. The truth is that Christ wants to prepare His Church to be builders, restorers, and governors. I spoke about the apostolic nature in my book “Effective Ministries and Believers.” These three words capture the apostolic nature of the Church and its founder. Jesus is the apostolic high-priest and builder of His Church.

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