Fifth Column Saboteurs In The Republic

Fifth Column Saboteurs In The RepublicFifth Column Saboteurs in the Republic. Enough is Enough: It's Time To Beat Your Plow Shares Into Swords!

Discover how dark forces are transforming America into a secular socialist Marxist society and how the Body of Christ can take a stand against it.

Pastor Jonas Clark's Saboteurs in the Republic: Battling Spiritual Wickedness in High Places provides the tools and encouragement to resist tyranny and despotism. Order your copy today and join the fight for a free and prosperous nation. Christian leader says socialism and Marxism are transforming the land of the free and the home of the brave through massive debt accumulation and taxation. He believes there’s a fifth column sabotaging our nation from within.

The title of his new book says it all, Saboteurs in the Republic: Battling Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.

"Today our Republic is under siege by those of a different spirit. We have been lied to by corrupt politicians, socialists, too big to fail bankers, Wall Street fat-cats and others that hate our country, culture, U. S. Constitution, liberty, free market capitalism, family, and, most of all, our God," said Jonas Clark, Pastor of Spirit of Life Ministries in Hallandale Beach Fla. According to Pastor Jonas many of today’s politicians have a clear agenda to transform America to a secular socialist Marxist society." He continued, "These lying supplanters desire a new America, one of their own making and will stop at nothing until the America framed by our Founding Fathers is completely destroyed."

Pastor Jonas Clark has pastored Spirit of Life Ministries since 1992 and has authored many books aimed at equipping Christians to live victoriously in this world. He said, "Politicians are re-framing our nation through excessive government spending and entitlement programs, turning our hard-working church members into ‘serfs’ rather than citizens of a free republic that is one nation under God." "Enough is enough!" he passionately shouts from his pulpit. "If we continue the course our nation is on, America as we know it will cease to exist," he warned his congregation.

While some religious leaders remain silent about our nation’s current economic and social crisis, Pastor Jonas is not. He believes the Body of Christ has a responsibility to get involved and be a voice for God in our nation. "Without Christ none can be free and without His overcoming Word the chains of tyranny cannot be broken," Pastor Jonas said. "Christ is our source and we should never look to government as the staff of our hope" he reiterated.

"If we, the people of God, do not take our rightful place being the salt and light of the world, our nation will continue down the slippery road of socialism towards totalitarianism." — Jonas Clark

French historian Alexis de Tocqueville discovered the greatness of America, when he said: "In the end, the state of the Union comes down to the character of the people. … I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors, her ample rivers, and it was not there. I sought for it in the fertile fields, and boundless prairies, and it was not there. I sought for it in her rich mines, and vast world commerce, and it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power."

"I believe that the greatness Tocqueville discovered has its source in the greatest reformer of all time, Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. It’s time to rekindle America’s secret again. Christ has called all His disciples to carry a reforming spirit." — Jonas Clark


Fifth Column Saboteurs In The Republic







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Awaken the American Spirit. Now is the Time to Act.

Chapter 1 Creating a New America

Excerpt: Dark forces are creating a new America. It’s an America very different than our founding fathers dreamed and penned. It’s an America governed by another spirit. Some think of a coming revolution but could it be the revolution has already taken place?

Chapter 2 Regaining the High Places

EXCERPT: The goal of conquest is always total control of both social and economic life of the nation by those masters of the universe known as the "progressive elites." These self-proclaimed enlightened intellectuals have appeared at various times in history hiding behind slogans, flags and patriotic banners that cloaked their true agendas.

Chapter 3 Exposing Utopia

EXCERPT: The secular socialists believe in the utopian man, the masters of the universe. Utopian man is the perfected man, or the god man. Educated from childhood to believe in the evolution of man from savage beast to enlightened being, socialists believe in the social engineering of the humanistic god man.

Chapter 4 The Fifth Column

EXCERPT: They would "repower and retrofit" it by organizing every God and Republic hater they could muster and give them a cause. To make them think they were part of something bigger than themselves and no longer disenfranchised. To give them a common goal while instilling feelings of "us against them," with them being the old order God lovers, American patriots, free market capitalists, hard working family men and supporters of the U.S. Constitution.

Chapter 5 Destruction by National Debt

EXCERPT: When a government has the power to tax without limit, borrow without limit, spend without limit and acquire debt without limit it’s just a matter of time until that nation collapses. No nation throughout history has ever been able to borrow and spend its way into prosperity. America is no different... Economic collapse, the utter destruction of the Republic must be the desired outcome.

Chapter 6 A Nation Under Siege

EXCERPT: Their strategy has been to rewrite historical biographies, add to their message, detract when necessary and yes, lie profoundly. Ruling the commanding heights has always been the goal. Gain them, neutralize Christ’s importance in governing the affairs of men – the definition of politics – and create a new America with a different set of values and rules.

Chapter 7 The Reformer’s Spirit

EXCERPT: "Resistance," the word seems so foreign today. Yet resistance to tyranny and despotism was foundational in the birthing of the Republic. The founders of our nation believed in the God of perfect liberty. When the spirit of bondage slithered into the Colonies something rose in the hearts of the people. That something was the reformer’s spirit.

Chapter 8 Toward Freedom

EXCERPT: You cannot give someone something you don’t have yourself. The responsibility of freedom sits squarely on the pulpits of America. If we are going to hear freedom bells equipping the saints for liberty from despots, those sounds must start within our churches.

Yes, the battle is raging, but the awakening has begun. — Jonas Clark

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