Financial Wisdom - The Day Money Fails You're In Big Trouble

Money -Dollar - Currency FailingFinancial wisdom will protect you from the day money fails. What will you do the day money fails? In the days of Joseph money failed. “Can it happen again,” you ask? Yes. The real question is, “Are you prepared?” Scripture teaches that money failed in the land of Egypt and Canaan during the life of Joseph.

The testimony declares that Pharaoh had a dream no one could interpret except Joseph. In Pharaoh’s dream, there would be seven years of “great plenty” followed by “seven years of famine.” The famine would be so bad that “all the plenty would be forgotten, and the land consumed.” Can you imagine such an economic collapse that money failed?

Pharaoh’s advisers could not interpret the dream but God’s man Joseph could. Not only did Joseph interpret the dream but offered a solution that would save the nation from total starvation. Here was his three-point strategic plan:

1.) “Look out a man discreet and wise” and set him over the land of Egypt with governing authority to oversee the strategy.

2.) Appoint more officers (overseers) over the land to ensure results.

3.) Store 20 percent of the land’s production in the seven prosperous years (Genesis 41:33-34).

God’s warning to Pharaoh was true. There were seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. When the famine arrived, the years of prosperity were quickly forgotten. Scripture says, “And there was no bread in all the land for the famine was very sore so that the land of Egypt and all the land of Canaan fainted by reason of the famine” (Genesis 47:13).

During a famine the ability to produce goods and services are drastically reduced, the division of labor falls apart, distribution networks fail, government defaults on promises, crime rises and fear sweeps the land. When famine hit Egypt, the major concern became food, not consumer products.

It was at this time a great transference of wealth took place in Egypt. Because of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit guiding Joseph there was enough food stored in the cities to sustain the people. Sustain, however, with a price. Joseph didn’t give the people food, he sold it to them. Not for money, however, but for assets. Remember, the money failed.

The first year Joseph exchanged food for cattle, horses, and flocks. He said, “Give your cattle and I will give you for your cattle if (since) money fail. And they brought their cattle unto Joseph and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses and for the flocks and for the cattle of the herds and the asses and he fed them with bread for all their cattle for that year” (Genesis 47:17-17).

When the second year arrived they came to Joseph again saying, “Our money (savings) is spent, my lord also hath our herds of cattle there is nothing left in the sight of my lord but our bodies and our lands… buy us and our land for bread and we and our land will be servants unto Pharaoh and give us seed that we may live and not die that the land be not desolate” (Genesis 47:18-19).

From these verses, we learn the wisdom of Joseph to save 20 percent during prosperous years to provide the nation’s needs during times of famine. Contrast that savings rate with the typical American savings of 4.7 percent in 2009 and 6 percent in 2010 of his income according to the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis.

We also learn that food became the main focus during the famine. The Department of Labor states that Americans spend 12.7 percent of their income on food and rising. When money failed in Egypt, food quickly became the people’s main expense. When food becomes scarce prices rise. Not only did food become rare in Egypt with soaring prices but there was a great transference of wealth. Not paper currency like we have today, but real wealth found in tangible assets like land and cattle. “And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh for the Egyptians sold every man his field because the famine prevailed over them, so the land became Pharaohs. Even the transference of wealth was future oriented because seed was given to the people under the regulation that 20 percent of their increase was given to Pharaoh (Genesis 47:20-24).

The bottom line is God gives wisdom not corrupt career politicians that don’t believe in God or His relevance to modern society. The further our nation gets away from Jehovah, the more perilous times become. We may even find ourselves wakening up one morning only to discover that money failed.Could it be possible that we are approaching the day when money fails? Peter Schiff, a well-known investor and former Senate candidate for Connecticut thinks it could happen. During a January interview with the Fast Money Wall Street trader’s panel on tout media CNBC Schiff said the US Dollar could fall 50 to 70 percent in value because of the massive Federal debt build-up and money printing by the Federal Reserve.

In January of 2010 former President of Venezuela, Daniel Chavez devalued his nation’s currency by 50 percent while threatening shop owners against raising prices or have their businesses confiscated. The result was predictable with a decrease in the buying power of their currency, store closings, product shortages, mass inflation and job losses. Since his death inflation has only gotten worse.

Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Six-in-ten (61 percent) workers report they always or usually live paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet, up from 49 percent last year and 43 percent in 2007. This is according to a new nationwide survey of more than 4,400 workers by CareerBuilder.

Currency falling 50 percent, or more would be disastrous. The truth is the dollar continues to fall in purchasing power every year. (Click "Instruments" in the chart for US Dollar index.) It has fallen by 95 percent in purchasing power since 1913 because of Federal Reserve monetary policy. The Federal Reserve is not a U.S. Federal Government agency. It is a private banking cartel chartered by Congress to operate. Since we live in a dollar world, a gradual decrease in the dollar’s value goes unnoticed. If Peter Schiff is right, our nation will experience a major drop. So what’s a Christian to do? Here are some things to consider.


If you are not tithing then I can’t help you at all. The Holy Spirit told me one time that tithing is only for believers. Tithing is not a suggestion - it’s Scripture. When you tithe God rebukes the devourer for you. If you need God’s help then you have to do things God’s way. Start here.

Put the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first (Matthew 6:33).

This goes way beyond your personal salvation. This speaks of the government of God, the word of God, the laws of God and the right causes of God. Causes like helping the poor and needy, ministering to orphans, widows, advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom around the world, missions, and helping your local church fulfill its purpose.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is the Word, ways, culture, language, and government of the Kingdom, not just the message of the cross. Yes, the cross is extremely important but it’s a doctrine of the Kingdom not the gospel of the Kingdom.


Some try to keep up with the Jones next door. Well, the Jones lost their home. Their 401K is now a 201K. They will not be able to retire and live off Social Security. Their American dream of a golden retirement has turned into a nightmare.

I know living within one’s means is painful to hear for some because we have been taken captive by consumerism leaving us with little self-restrain. The truth is we must learn to spend less than we make. How did you do today? Did you spend more than you made? What about this week? Did you spend more than you made? What about this month? Did you spend more than you made?


Fight debt like it’s a devil. One way to start is by making a decision. Everything starts with a decision. Start getting out of debt by refusing to take on any new payments of any kind. The best approach is buy the best, pay cash, and take with you.


Production is your key to prosperity. Producing more than you consume is your road to abundance. As you produce opportunity will show up. Then little-by-little the law of accumulation will work for you in a positive way. Seldom do successful people hit giant deals. Most success is bit-by-bit.


Have you ever seen large tracts of unproductive land? What good is land if it’s not producing anything? Make your land produce. I mean that in both a spiritual and natural context. God gave you a gift and He expects you to produce something with it. He made that clear in the Parable of the Talents.

Understand the dangers of fiat currencies and exotic financial instruments as a store of wealth. Money can fail. Currency is nothing more than a means of exchange for products or services. When money is used for something other than an exchange such as a store of wealth or some other financial instrument like interest bearing CD’s, stocks, bonds, then money has become something beyond a means of exchange. Here is a basic problem. Mammon has developed many exotic financial instruments to entice people to engage its kingdom. Jesus warned His disciples of the god of mammon. He said you cannot serve two masters. Mammon is a cruel master. Mammon can be likened to the financial kingdoms of the world.


The famine killed the ability to produce which led to a collapse. Today money is failing because of bad Federal Reserve monetary policy, Wall Street corruption, out of control big government spending and massive Federal Government debt and Ponzi entitlement schemes.

Could money fail like it did in Joseph’s generation? The answer is yes. It’s time to get back to biblical principles for right living. A great transference of wealth is about to take place. Will it go to the wicked or to the righteous? Build your house on the rock.

(c) Apostle Jonas Clark