Legacy of Gordon Lindsley: The Continuing Influence of the Voice of Healing

Legacy of Gordon Lindsley The Continuing Influence of the Voice of HealingPastor Gordon Lindsley was born into a farming family in Texas in 1924 and grew up in the rural town of Bellville. He had a deep spiritual upbringing, and at the age of 16, he committed his life to God. After graduating high school, he attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, and went on to become the pastor of a small church in Bellville.

In January 1947, Pastor Lindsley experienced a miraculous healing from God. He had been suffering from a severe hearing impairment, but during a prayer service at his church, he felt a powerful sensation in his ears and was suddenly able to hear again.

This experience changed the direction of his life, and he began to travel around the country, sharing his testimony and preaching about the power of Gods healing. He was soon invited to speak at a conference organized by an evangelist named William Branham.

Branham was the founder of the Voice of Healing, an international ministry dedicated to the promotion of divine healing. After hearing Pastor Lindsleys testimony, Branham invited him to join the Voice of Healing and become a traveling evangelist. Pastor Lindsley accepted the invitation, and together with Branham, he went on a series of preaching tours throughout the United States and Canada.

During these tours, Pastor Lindsley was instrumental in helping to spread the message of the Voice of Healing. He preached about the power of faith and prayer, and he often challenged people to put their trust in God and experience His healing. He was also actively involved in the organization of the Voice of Healing conferences, and he was often the featured speaker at the events.

Over the years, Pastor Lindsleys relationship with the Voice of Healing grew deeper. In 1952, he was appointed assistant general director of the ministry, and he became a close confidant of William Branham. He was also involved in the expansion of the ministry, and he helped organize events in South America, Europe, and Asia. Pastor Lindsleys relationship with the Voice of Healing has been described as an "inseparable bond". He remained a key figure in the ministry until William Branhams death in 1965.

After Branhams passing, Pastor Lindsley took on the role of general director of the Voice of Healing, and he continued to promote the ministrys message until his retirement in 1975. Pastor Gordon Lindsleys relationship with the Voice of Healing was an incredibly important part of the ministrys history.

He was instrumental in spreading the message of divine healing, and he dedicated his life to the promotion of the Voice of Healings mission. He was a faithful servant of God, and his legacy continues to live on through the work of the Voice of Healing today.


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