Spiritual Authority And Kingdom Dominion

Spiritual Authority And Kingdom Dominion

Spiritual Authority And Kingdom Dominion Spiritual authority and Kingdom dominion are part of your spiritual inheritance. You are not like everybody else. You understand the importance of being spiritually equipped to invade, occupy, influence, and take over everywhere. These resources will teach your authority as a believer and how to manifest the Kingdom of God.


  • Putting the Kingdom of God first.
  • Restoring the culture of the Kingdom.
  • Becoming a spiritual warrior.
  • Ruling and reigning with Christ.
  • Making a difference with your life and ministry.
  • The most uncommon anointing in the Word of God.
  • Walking in the governing anointing.
  • Manifesting the Kingdom.
  • God's original intent for mankind.
  • The revolutionary ministry of the Son of Man.
  • The Genesis Mandate, invade, occupy, influence, and take over.
  • Subduing kingdoms and the systems of this world.
  • Continuing the Kingdom revolution.

Included are two books and over 10 hours of audio teachings.


Kingdom Living: How to Activate Your Spiritual Authority

Destined For Dominion



  • Three important anointings the Holy Spirit imparts.

  • The anointing you need to enter the fullness of your ministry.

  • Learn how the anointing empowers, and experiencing more from the Holy Spirit.

  • The anointing that overcomes kingdoms.

  • Kingdom of God and doctrine of the Cross.

  • Discover why you are destined to govern.


  • Target the giants you face to bring victory in your life.

  • Identify the culture war against your family.

  • How God releases watchers over nations.

  • Expose Jezebel's web of deception.

  • Discovering your role as an unstoppable child of God.

“This teaching is a great lesson that all Christians should know. The only way to manifest the Kingdom of God is studying and learning to live by and share the principles and patterns of the kingdom of God. Great lessons Apostle Clark.” - Brian, Wisconsin
“I have always wondered why I was hungry for the things of God and where I fit in. I was so happy to find out that there is nothing wrong with me for not wanting to be one of the crowd. I am part of the Remnant that wants to be completely sold out to do the work I know I was called to do. Thank you Brother Jonas.” - Teretha, Georgia
"I thought I knew what apostles and the apostolic ministry was all about until I read this. Wow!" – Jonathan, New York
“This is so powerful! I have such a desire for the prophetic, but there's no way to move into the prophetic without moving into the believer's kingship first.” - Ryan, Georgia
“This is a wonderful teaching about our place in the kingdom of God. This teaching must be taught to the Body of Christ because it opens the eyes of people who are blind by the spirit of religion.” - Darrel, Indiana

Spiritual Authority And Kingdom Dominion
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