“This is the best church in South Florida! If you want to experience the power of God and the love of God flowing through His people, this is the place. My life has been transformed since coming here. I have grown so much in my relationship with the Lord and have been equipped to truly help advance His Kingdom here on earth. If you're tired of church as usual, if you've ever asked God isn't there more? then come and see what He has for you at Spirit of Life Ministries. Experience breakthrough, restoration, healing, deliverance, training and equipping, and experience the exciting life of walking with the Spirit of God.”

“This is a place where I know, without a shed of doubt, that God is there and you can feel and see the manifestation of His glorious presence and power. Attending and becoming a part of this ministry has given me identity, direction, and purpose which has changed my life completely. Spirit of Life is filled with amazing leaders and members who flood you with the love of God and help ignite the gifts that God has put inside you so it could be used to change the world. They also have a great youth and children's ministry for ages 0-21 yrs. The youth pastors and teacher actually deal with the issues and struggles our youth face on a daily basis and help them overcome with the Word of God. I've seen many lives changed since being here and I encourage you to join to bring change to your life and family. I've found out that there's no problem or situation too hard for God to solve. Join us, I promise you won't regret it.”

“In this place the Lord has free course to speak to His people, releasing hope, life, peace and purpose, the Lord is honored in this place.”

“The first thing I encountered on my first visit to Spirit of Life Ministries was love. The people were so caring. The greeters at the door are very welcoming. The worship was awesome. The anointed teachings (during service and in the classes) they offer will take your walk with God to another level. This church is like none I've ever been to. The presence of God is truly there!” Nick

“Amazing! The presence of God is felt strongly in this church. God Bless this ministry!” Nilsa

“I love my church! It is highly anointed, inspiring, encouraging, refreshing and a tremendous blessing to me and family. God is there in every service and events inspired by Him. All of our leaders are truly Holy Ghost filled, sensitive to the things of God, faithful in their commitments, genuine, very attentive to building the kingdom of God and equipping believers to get involve in the cause of God. It's a place where believers are spiritually fed and released into what God has called them to do. The leaders, along with Apostle Clark and Pastor Rhonda, are a blessing in the lives of the people at Spirit of Life and thousands of others as well. Yes, I love my church. Come and embrace the Holy Ghost, God is there.” Ann

“When I first came to Spirit of Life Ministries I was looking for a place to be used. I wanted my life to go for a purpose and the leadership saw the call of God on my life and believed in me. I see a passion to get believers into their place to be equipped.”

“I think Spirit of Life Ministries is a place of transformation. When I first came I knew that what I had was not enough. I wanted more of God. At S.O.L.M. God was made real to me as I learned things I didn’t know about Him. The reoccurring passion is to serve God as a lifestyle.” 

“I wanted to find God’s will for my life. At first I was searching for God and kept finding religion – then I came to a meeting at Spirit of Life Ministries. Here I discovered the power to change. When I saw the high level of commitment to God from the leaders then I committed to serve because I wanted to be around people who were sold out. The reoccurring passion that I hear is ‘The Cause’, world evangelism.” 

“I was looking for a place to mature and grow. At Spirit of Life Ministries I learned how to use the gifts of God and how to come into my identity. This is a place to get cleaned up, shake the dust off your feet, study and grow. The passion is to stir up the gift of God and to equip souls.” 

“We were searching for something that was missing in our lives. We were asking ourselves, “Is this all there is?” We knew there must be more to our Christian walk. When we came to Spirit of Life Ministries the heavens opened up. We started experiencing a grace from God that brought order, structure, knowledge and revelation in our lives. The reoccurring passion is to establish the kingdom of God.” 

"Spirit of Life Ministries is truly a ministry patterned after God's design and purpose in the New Testament: a place of continual equipping, maturing and spiritual strengthening for sending to do the work of ministry and to advance the kingdom of God in day-to-day living, all done in excellence and love." Marquista

"Spirit of Life Ministries is an amazing place where believers are equipped for the work of the ministry. God has His way in every service! The leaders have a heart after God and for God's people that's what makes Spirit of Life so special! Don't walk run to experience God like you have never experienced Him before!" Maria