The Father of Pentecostalism: The Life and Legacy of S.N. Haskell

The Father of Pentecostalism: The Life and Legacy of S.N. Haskell S.N. Haskell was born in 1833 in Ohio and was known as an early pioneer in the Pentecostal movement of the United States, referred to as the "Father of Pentecostalism". In 1870, he pioneered the Christian Missionary Association, an umbrella organization that formed the foundation of what is now known as Pentecostalism.

He also ordained many ministers and evangelists throughout his ministry. Haskell wrote several books, including "Preparing for the Latter Rain," which articulated his views on the full gospel message.

He was the first to bring together the early Pentecostal preaching style and the doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and combine them with teachings from the Bible. Haskell was devoted to the cause of God for his entire life.

He went on preaching tours and missionary journeys, even in his old age, reaching new people with the good news of the gospel of Jesus. He passed away in 1922 at the age of 89 in Los Angeles, California. Haskell was also an author, writing "Preparing for the Latter Rain."

"Preparing for the Latter Rain" by Pastor S. N. Haskell is an influential book that has had a lasting impact on Pentecostalism. Written in 1895, Haskells book was one of the earliest works to outline the doctrine and practices of Pentecostalism, taking its name from the Biblical image of the "latter rain" described in Joel 2:23.

Through his writing, Haskell helped to articulate early Pentecostal theology, defining the full gospel message that his readers should be living. The book has been credited with bringing greater unity and cohesiveness to the Pentecostal movement.

The most prominent focus of "Preparing for the Latter Rain" is to encourage readers to seek a spiritual outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In his writings, Haskell emphasized the importance of living a fully devoted Christian life and being filled with the Holy Spirit in order to adequately prepare for the latter rain. He wrote that a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the church would eventually usher in the coming of Christ.

Haskell believed that the only way for his readers to experience this was to commit their lives to Jesus and to be obedient to the teachings of Scripture. The publication of "Preparing for the Latter Rain" became one of the rallying cries of early Pentecostalism, and it is credited with inspiring the many revivals and outpourings that took place in the Pentecostal movement. The message of the book is still relevant today, and it serves as a reminder to all Pentecostals to live a Spirit-filled life by surrendering their hearts to Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to be their guide.

The principles Haskell outlined included:

The importance of living a fully devoted Christian life.

Being obedient to the teachings of the Scripture.

Seeking a spiritual outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

He also emphasized the role of the Holy Spirit in allowing for the second coming of Christ by enabling believers to become kingdom builders on earth.

The legacy of Pastor S.N. Haskell lives on in the Pentecostal movement. His major work, "Preparing for the Latter Rain," served as a foundational piece for future movements, and it continues to shape Pentecostal doctrines today.

Although Haskell passed away in 1922, the principles he outlined have profoundly shaped the Pentecostal movement and spread the message of hope and spiritual power that still resonates with Pentecostals today. Additionally, his belief that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit would usher in the coming of Christ allowed the Pentecostal movement to hold onto the promise of the return of Christ even in the most trying of times.


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