Discovering "The Original You": Unmasking and Embracing Your Uniqueness

THE ORIGIANAL YOU 1Of all the things worth finding it must surely be the original you. The original you is the unmasked version of you. It's the original design, the original first, and the unique and different. It's the person that is radically distinctive from others and without equal.

It's fascinating to think God created you to be different than all others. Sure, there is some semblance to others but that's Layer Two surface understanding. You can dress the same, drive the same car, swim in the same pool, but none of that describes the real, true, original you. The original you is the Layer One you. It's the inner you. It's the part of you that God created and breathed life into.

Before you can be yourself, you must know who you are. As already said, you are different from everyone else. You are an original. God made you in his image and his likeness. You are a master copy, the first and last of your unique kind.

Some people have what's called low self-esteem. They don't see, esteem, themselves the way God created them. This is the condition of not valuing yourself in the light of God's unique design. The disciple of Christ should never think of themselves as a person without purpose and value. They are unique with something powerful to offer society. To discover the original you is to get off the road others travel. The unique don't copy, they are unique and distinct.

You are different. It's your difference from others that frames your originality. Take the artist for example. Some can copy his painting but they can never truly have the hand or inspiration of the original master. It's similar to the author of books. There is a huge difference between reading a book and writing a book with the passion of the creator.

Don't be afraid to think about your uniqueness. Think about your difference. Embrace it, meditate on it, write it down and make it plain. Originals have an original vision and original ideas. Life is too short trying to be someone else. Embrace your difference. Walk as an original. Be that original you. God created you that way. The world needs you.

According to Apostle Peter, you are a member in the royal priesthood of kings (1 Peter 2:9). This seems hard to grasp for some but it's true anyway. Recall that Jesus is King of kings and Ruler of rulers. You are one of those kings and one of those rulers.

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