Become a Master Through Mentorship: The Path to High Levels of Achievement

Learn Fail Master 1Masters help others meet their high calling. To those that want to achieve, there are two types of schools. Both will help you become a master. One is faster than the other. Both are ladders toward success. One is learning with a master. The other is learning through experience. Some call experience the school of hard knocks. Experience is a good teacher but it's a long class. Finding a mentor is much faster.

Finding someone that has already mastered what you want to do is a good idea. There is nothing wrong with becoming an apprentice. An apprentice is someone that learns from an expert. An expert is someone that has mastered a skill.

The greatest masters also learned from others having high levels of accomplishment and success. Apprenticeships were common. Today, however, the public school system has tried to replace masters with teachers. Just because one can teach a subject doesn't mean they are masters of the subject. Again, there are teachers, for example, that can explain a subject but they are not real-world masters of the subject.

According to there has historically been a path toward high levels of achievement. “In England, master craftsmen hired apprentices in an exchange of training for service. Once their term of apprenticeship was completed, former apprentices traveled from employer to employer earning wages as journeymen. When, or if, they accumulated enough capital, journeymen set up shop as independent masters and became members of their craft guilds.

The fastest learners draw from masters. They spend time with them, watching them, and applying what they have learned. Apprenticeship is good but not without practice because practice takes you to a whole other level. Christ didn't just teach his disciples, he trained them in a real-world environment.

You will learn best by doing. Applying and repeating what you have studied. We call this practice. Practice is doing. It's applying. It's overcoming fear. It's hands-on. It's sometimes scary and uncomfortable. But, wow, it's lessons learned, remembered, that can never be stolen. Once lessons are learned, their owned and no one can take them away. It's been said that education is something you can give away and still keep.

Never be scared of failing. In truth, people learn best by failing. Failing is not fun, but every master has learned best through setbacks and disappointments. All have failed. Chalk failure up to the price of your education. It's been said, when you fall off a horse get up and get back on. Scripture declares, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again” (Proverbs 24:16).

Success in life has a lot to do with learning, growing in knowledge, and walking out what you have learned. When you want to learn something, motivation is critical. Focus is a must. And practice cannot be overlooked. Learning by doing is ten times better than learning in a classroom. There is a shortcut to success that's found in mentorship. Find a master and practice what you learn.

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