Occupying the Commanding Heights: A Study of Spiritual Warfare in High Places

Commanding Heights - Regaining The High PlacesCommanding heights overlooking the battlefield was vital to winning when cannons were the main arms. As a military strategy, high places offered an advantage. Apostle Paul spoke of spiritual warfare against principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and wickedness in high places.

Such was the case in Gideon’s day. Gideon knew of Israel’s mighty deliverance from the evil bondages of Pharaoh in Egypt. Unfortunately, that historical liberty from economic slavery and the demonic government was progressively polluted, and the greatness of Jehovah drifted from the national persona.

Those in Gideon’s generation were plundered by Midianites and Amalekites that invaded their lands yearly stealing their crops and “destroying their increase.” As Gideon sat pondering his nation’s fate in the light of God’s promises he had an encounter with the angel of the Lord. During that meeting, the Lord called Gideon “a mighty man of valor.” This experience brought an awakening in the spirit of Gideon, and he saw that apathetic equanimity was not enough—something could be done to free his nation from demonic marauders and restore it back to prominence.

Christians are inspired by this testimony of Gideon, but one must ask how his nation drifted so far from the God of their deliverance? Could it be possible there was a fifth column within the country that slowly weakened the Biblical fabric of their nation? Did the “rulers of the darkness of this world” seize the high places of Israel? Today, we could refer to those same high places as the commanding heights of governing authority over our nation. Because those are places of governing authority, they are highly sought after by the enemy who wants to create a new America, one free from the God of their founding fathers. Creating a new America requires occupying the commanding heights.

Occupying the heights overlooking the battlefield was vital to winning the war when cannons were the main arms in warfare. As a military strategy, these high places offered an advantage over the enemy. The Apostle Paul spoke of spiritual warfare against principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Historically these high places are the most coveted in the political battle theater that rages over nations.  High places warfare continues today and is a strategy used for years in a hateful attempt to destroy the Republic and create a new America.

Throughout history, there have been wars for governing authority. Jesus declared there would be wars and rumors of wars until the return of the Prince of Peace Himself. History is full of bloody war lusts by tyrants that butchered their way into supreme power by utter brutality. These include Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. As time passed warfare became all the more costly and more diplomatic deceptions by cunning craftiness became all the more compelling. After all, bloodshed remained best as a last resort.

The goal of conquest is always total control of both the social and economic life of the nation by those masters of the universe known as the “progressive elites.” These self-proclaimed enlightened intellectuals have appeared at various times in history hiding behind slogans, flags and patriotic banners that cloaked their true agendas. To these revolutionaries, it was important not to destroy the “means of production” at the first for then there would be no spoils available to advance their cause. Deceit, cunning, and infiltration were in high demand by the progressives. To these, like all other conquistadors since antiquity, was the question, “How to occupy the high places?” 


All nations are governed from the high places. Every anti-Republic Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and Fascists know he doesn’t have to win every seat of government to seize the nation, just the “commanding heights.”If a new America was to be created, then the liberty-haters had to gain seats of governing authority.

Vladimir Lenin used the phrase “commanding heights” to refer to the segments and industries in an economy that effectively control and support the others. The commanding heights are seats of authority that rule over major parts of society and the economy. Those places are media, education, banking, energy, and politics, to name a few. Other seats include religion, arts, and entertainment. These can be controlled by the others, for example, through various means such as regulations, taxation, zoning and permitting requirements.

How to seize the commanding heights in 21st century America?  Should it be carried out by sword or ballot? In the old American republic, the anti-American revolutionary had no choice. If a new America was to be forged the high places had to be governed by the so-called enlightened ones.  For a new America to be shaped it had to be seduced progressively by the Marxist’ deceptive elixir of the utopian society, it had to be done without bloodshed, and it had to be carried out by ballot.

It was Sir Thomas More that first coined the term “utopian society” in 1516. His book Utopia was based largely on Plato’s Republic. In the essay, More describes a fictional island community in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a perfect version of society where all evils such as poverty, misery, and social injustice were banished.

To the new American revolutionary, the utopian idea is intoxicating and a useful tool for promoting conquest. The old American traditions of God, Church, family, morality, free-market capitalism—and especially a government framed by the United States Constitution—had to be neutralized.

To the Christian, the high places belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. To govern in the high places requires a people that understand their responsibility as ambassadors of Christ, a governing term. When the people of God refuse to sit in the seats of governing, engage the spiritual warfare for the souls of men, establish and advance the Kingdom of God throughout the nations then those seats of governing authority and the commanding heights are easily chaired by God-haters, reprobates, and dark princes.

As Christians, we must be able to recognize the spiritual warfare over our country. To ignore the war against our Republic would be a great ignominy to those that shed their blood for the liberties that we take for granted today.

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