How Prophets Fail

How Prophets Fail - ISBN: 978-1-886885-43-1Prophetic ministers must avoid the seducing pull of wealth, honor, prestige and promotion. Prophets can fail. Find out how to steer clear from the mistakes prophets make in prophetic ministry. Learn how to steer clear of the faults prophets make in their prophetic ministry. Get your copy of Jonas Clark's book "How Prophets Fail" to gain insight into the dark side of prophetic ministry, prophetic enticements, and how to guard your heart.

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Prophetic Confrontations

Prophetic Confrontation - ISBN: 978-1-886885-45-5Prophetic training and prophetic ministry includes prophetic confrontation. To stop the prophetic ministry the enemy must interpose a counterfeit prophetic, something that looks and sounds like Christ but is not. Prophetic training and ministry includes prophetic confrontation to stop the enemy's counterfeit prophetic. Discover the truths of prophets, spiritual climates, weapons, and more in this book. Learn to avoid prophetic deception and understand the prophetic showdown.

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Unlocking Spiritual Authority

Unlocking Spiritual Authority - ISBN: 978-1-886885-42-4The Apostle Paul equipped the believers at Ephesus with spiritual authority and spiritual weapons to victoriously battle the demonic forces raging against his ministry. Unlock your spiritual authority and spiritual weapons to victoriously battle the demonic forces raging against the government of God on earth with Jonas Clark's eBook, Unlocking Spiritual Authority. Discover how to make a difference in your life with the Holy Spirit and restore governing authority to your life.

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Unlocking Prophetic Imaginations

Unlocking Prophetic Imagination - ISBN: 1-886885-34-6Prophetic imaginations create images of your future, of possibilities and of a better tomorrow. They can be prophetic, direct, and give hope. To understand prophetic imagination is to understand God’s design for His sons and daughters. Unlock the power of possibility and explore your prophetic imagination with this book. Learn to transcend limitations and change your realities, discover how to see prophetic possibilities, unlock dreams and imaginations, and more. Take the first step to tap into the power of prophetic imagination and unlock the potential of a better future today.

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Prophetic Ministry: Identifying Prophetic Spiritualists And Spiritualism

Identifying Prophetic Spiritists - ISBN: 1-886885-41-9Spiritualism is the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. A spiritualist is one who operates inside the spirit realm without the Holy Spirit. How do we tell the difference between spiritualism and the Holy Spirit? Discover the truth about spiritualism and the Holy Spirit with Spiritualist Jonas Clark's book, Identifying Prophetic Spiritists. With 20 years of experience, this book will help you recognize a Christian spiritualist, discern between true and false prophetic operations, flow in the prophetic correctly, and develop prophetic spiritual discernment.

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Spiritual Warfare: Weapons of Your Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Weapons of Your WarfareYour spiritual warfare training is a must. Before you attack spiritual principalities and powers in spiritual warfare, let’s learn how to pull down the warring thoughts and vain imaginations that rise within us. Learn how to use the Word of God and your delegated spiritual authority to overcome demonic opposition and pull down warring imaginations with The Weapons of Your Warfare ebook. Gain spiritual victory with the power of God and discover how to discern rogue spiritual imaginations, use Christ's fighting instruments, and stop emotions vain imaginations produce.

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Jezebel And Prophetic Ministry

Jezebel and Prophetic Ministry - ISBN: 1-886885-30-3Protect your prophetic ministry and gain insight into the dangerous Jezebel spirit with Jonas Clark's eBook, Jezebel and Prophetic Ministry. Learn how to identify Jezebel's prophets and witchcraft, and arm yourself with the power of the Lord's prophets with this essential guide. Download now and safeguard your prophetic ministry from the Jezebel spirit

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