Labyrinths and New Age Occult Prayer Walks

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Labyrinths and New Age Occult Prayer WalksLabyrinths, New Age occult prayer walks, and demonic prayer labyrinths are entering Christian churches in North America. So what is a labyrinth? Labyrinths are pagan instruments used as occult gateways into the supernatural. Most think of a labyrinth as a maze that's easy to get lost in with winding paths and dead ends.

A Labyrinth is different than a maze because it is a winding path. For the spiritually discerning the Labyrinth is nothing more than occult paganism masquerading itself as another form of Christian prayer.

The prayer Labyrinth, also known as a meditation Labyrinth, is used for prayer, religious, mystical rituals, initiations, and for spiritual growth say New Age disciples.  Labyrinth prayer walks are not biblical nor should they be used within the Christian faith. Those that teach their use offer them as “another type of prayer, or prayer in motion.”

We are not talking about a Christian praying to the God of the Bible while walking down the sidewalk. No, this is occult spiritualism.  To New Age disciples, a Labyrinth represents the “path of life.” As one travels the Labyrinth’s path of life, it leads their walk to the center of an intricate design representing the center of oneself then exiting along the same path. A prayer or meditation Labyrinth only has one route or a single path. Again, unlike the maze, a Labyrinth is designed with one destination and is impossible to get lost within.


Dangerous Prayer LabyrinthAccording to the Labyrinth Society, their vision is to “activate and facilitate the transformation of the human spirit.” They also use the prayer Labyrinth as “a personal practice for healing and growth, a tool for community building, an agent for global peace, and a metaphor for life.”

These Labyrinth groups offer workshops about the Labyrinth for “divine imprint, mystical tradition, as a sacred path and gateway.” It’s surely a gateway, an occult gateway and used by New Age practitioners to transcend into an altered state of consciousness. In that state, they believe in becoming one with the divine universe. After one's “centering,” they can exit the Labyrinth to take their newly found spiritual awakening and revelation to the world.

Those promoting prayer and meditation Labyrinths wrongly use a Catholic cathedral, not bible scripture, as historical precedent for their use because the medieval "Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres" outside Paris, France has a prayer Labyrinth. Chartres removes their sanctuary chairs once a month exposing its Labyrinth on the floor to attract pilgrims that walk the Labyrinth with their heads bowed in prayer.

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