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Next Level Prophetic Ministry TrainingUnlock spiritual heavenly realms and take your prophetic walk to the next level with this Prophetic Ministry Next Level Training Kit. Learn about the call of God, anointing from the Holy Spirit, prophetic gifting, ministry of the prophet, prophetic intercession, and more. Overcome fear and get started with prophetic ministryProphetic ministry starts with the call of God, anointing from the Holy Spirit, desire to study prophetic gifting, ministry of the prophet, prophetic intercession, and what every prophet needs to know. In this material, you will learn about prophets, prophetic ministry, and directive prophecy.This prophetic material will help you overcome fear and get started.



Training manual and over 12 hours of audio teaching


  • Five Ascension Gifts
  • All Can Prophesy
  • Gift of Prophecy
  • Prophets and Prophecy
  • Prophecy: A Vital Ministry
  • The Watchman's Ministry
  • Prophetic Communications
  • Announce, Confirm, Activate 
  • Extensive Training Process
  • Supernatural Education
  • Edify, Exhort, and Curse?
  • Earmarks of a False Prophet
  • Hallmarks of the Prophet



  • Prophets and Mysteries
  • Functions of the Prophet
  • Opening Hard Heavens
  • Remnant Prophets


  • Protocols of the Prophet
  • Climbing The Wall
  • Know This and Never Miss It
  • Boundaries, Measures, Announcements, and Decrees


  • Seeing All Things Possible
  • What You See Determines What You Get
  • Strategies for Effective Imaginations
  • Spirit Led, Not Just Spirit Born


Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Learn three significant purposes of personal prophecy.

Understand how prophecy impacts every believer.

Discover forgotten secrets for advancing in the prophetic.

Activate three power gifts, three revelation gifts, and three utterance gifts.

Power of directive prophecy.

Learn this about prophecy and never miss it.

Master the ten keys for judging prophecy.

Examine the guidelines for prophecy during church services.

Seven ways prophets receive revelation.

Activate prophetic strategies that move you forward.


Learn how prophets deal in measures, boundaries, gaps and hedges.

Discover three types of prophetic communications.

Learn how prophets announce, confirm and activate.

Enter eleven areas of extensive prophetic training.

Learn the protocols of seasoned prophets.

Understand why devils fear prophetic ministry.

Learn twelve types of prophetic intercession. Including one you never heard of before.

Learn about high-level spiritual warfare.

The differences between prophetic blessing, curses and judgments.

Learn twenty-one ways to identify the false prophet.

Why God uses women in prophetic ministry.

Hallmarks of an advanced prophet.

Learn about prophetic people, prophetic ministers, spiritual gifts, spirit filled prophetic words and the word of the Lord.



"The Holy Spirit led me to this training and opened my heart to hear what God has to say about His prophets. We are to be the voice of God that "turns the hearts" of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. We are also to be bold, yet compassionate and loving without compromise - not merchandisers that take advantage of God's people. I have learned that God uses His prophets to speak to the nations, but their hearts must be submitted to the Lord. I am so grateful for the solid, biblical teaching of the word of God through this ministry training material." -- L Williams, USA
"The Next Level Prophetic will unlock the prophetic gift inside of you. It will show who you really are in Christ. It will help you align with the Lord for your success in the earth so that you can bring forth the work of the ministry He's called you to." -- R. McKenzie, USA
"Growing up as a Christian I had a distaste for prophetic ministry because of the abuse I witnessed. This training helped change that because prophetic ministry is important to God, the Church and me. I have learned the purpose of prophecy, the difference between being a prophetic believer and occupying the office of a prophet, my role in prophetic ministry and how to discern the source of prophetic operations. The teaching has equipped me to judge prophecy and discern deceitful, merchandising prophets. My perception of prophetic ministry has been totally changed. I am so excited to understand the role of prophetic decrees and announcements that play a major role in opening new seasons in my life." -- D. Martinez, SPAIN

Next Level Prophetic Ministry

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