My Confrontation With the Jezebel Spirit

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My Confrontation With Jezebel SpiritI met the Jezebel spirit some years ago and quickly became acquainted with her wicked ways. Shortly after our introduction, I found myself resisted on all fronts, yet didn’t completely understand what that resistance was. You see, Jezebel was yet an unnamed foe in my life. The Jezebel spirit was at that time a mysterious rival that seemed to know me better than I knew it. It was as if she had studied my strengths and weaknesses as she prepared to wage an all-out war against me.

While I had a revelation of spiritual warfare and binding and loosing, this spiritual war was very different and the victory was not swift. The root of the resistance was deeply planted in the spiritual realm. Whoever this unseen rival was, it was not giving up easily. It wasn’t even backing down.

I still remember pacing around my backyard in prayer and intercession for hours at a time during those days. What felt like an intense grieving would come on me and all I could do was cry out to God to unlock the mystery. The grieving intensified and realizing I was in a spiritual war far greater than anything experienced in the past. It was a spiritual clash against an unidentified enemy. I can’t do justice to the feelings with mere words. Suffice it to say I was under a vicious spiritual attack. And vicious is a mild a word. I was in a spiritual war against a wicked demon force.

This went on for a few months until one day I heard a minister explaining an experience that was markedly similar to mine. He described the emotions of his soul and even the physical symptoms associated with contending with a spirit called Jezebel. He didn't go into detail. It was just a quick mention. Something went off inside of me (an inner witness) and I thought, “That’s the same thing that I feel, in my spirit, when I walk around my backyard praying.” Once I knew what was fighting against me, I began to study the Word of God and pray for revelation on the wicked wiles of this Jezebel spirit.

Perhaps you are feeling the same spiritual war.

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