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Believer's Kingship Bible School Course


Welcome to The Believer’s Kingship eLearning course. I’m excited you want to learn how to activate your spiritual authority to invade, occupy, and influence the world for Christ. These truths will help you develop a kingship mentality.

This course is about Christ’s ministry as Restoring King, the Genesis Mandate, dominion, spiritual warfare, entering the royal priesthood of kings, and how to activate your spiritual authority. The Holy Spirit said, “Only the sons of God walking in the Spirit can manifest the Kingdom.” You are called into a royal priesthood of kings, given spiritual authority, and sent as an anointed spiritual warrior to take dominion.

"Your next stop on this journey in life is rightful dominion. There is nowhere else to go. The establishing of Christ's Kingship rule through the born again believers will result in a clash of kingdoms between the Kingdom of God and the dark kingdoms of this world. The good news is the saints will prevail!" - JONAS CLARK

Every move of the Spirit of God throughout history has led up to this moment in time. From the days of John the Baptist until now God has been restoring His Kingdom. When Jesus came on the scene He declared a new world order saying, the time is fulfilled, repent (change your mind) and believe the Gospel of the Kingdom. The message of the Kingdom is a message of dominion, authority, and purpose. According to the Apostle Peter, every born again believer is part of a royal priesthood of kings.

The Believer's Kingship eLearning Course is designed to help you experience what the Bible says about restoration, dominion, authority, and your kingship role on this side of heaven.




  • How to manifest the Kingdom of God with increase and abundance.
  • God's original intent of fruitfulness for your life.
  • The revolutionary ministry of the Son of Man and how you can take part.
  • The Genesis Mandate of multiplication.
  • How to subdue kingdoms and the Mammon system of this world.
  • How to continue Jesus' Kingdom revolution.


  • How to activate your kingship.
  • Discover your Kingdom Identity.
  • Discern and stop demonic guards.
  • Overcoming false governments.
  • Winning the war for dominion.
  • Discover how to tap into the power of the Kingdom of God.
  • Activate the anointing for conflict and breakthrough.


  • How Christ reconstituted the Kingdom.
  • Walking in Kingship Strategies.
  • How to become a reforming voice for God.
  • Unlocking Kingdom of God abundance.
  • The believer's authority to govern.


  • Get equipped and empowered to advance in your calling.
  • Become more effective in ministry.
  • Discover how to exercise dominion authority in all areas of your life.
  • Start walking in God's divine purpose.
  • Monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson as you complete online quizzes.
  • Download 12 ministry training class lessons, 12 audio teachings, and 16 reading assignments in digital format to keep in your personal library.
  • Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute Ministry Training Certificate suitable for framing after completing this e-course.
“I am just learning about the Kingdom of God and I've been a Christian for 37 years. Most people raised in a democracy don't know how to relate to the kingdom of God and their governments.” - Barbara, Georgia
“I enjoy reading your teachings and gleaning every nugget. I only wish I had been taught these truths when I first got saved.” - Phillip, Arkansas
“This is so powerful! I have such a desire for the prophetic, but there's no way to move into the prophetic without moving into the believer's kingship first.” - Ryan, Georgia
“This is a wonderful teaching about our place in the Kingdom of God. This teaching must be taught to the Body of Christ because it opens the eyes of people who are blind by the spirit of religion.” - Darrel, Indiana
“This teaching is a great lesson that all Christians should study. The only way to manifest the Kingdom is study and learn to live by and share the principles and patterns of the Kingdom of God. Great lessons Apostle Clark.” - Brian, Wisconsin
“I have always wondered why I was hungry for the things of God and where I fit in. I was so happy to find out that there is nothing wrong with me for not wanting to be one of the crowds. I am part of the Remnant that wants to be completely sold out to do the work I know I was called to do. Thank you Brother Jonas.” - Teretha, Georgia

Online Ministry Training

Here's an image of what your online ministry training classroom looks like. A.E.I. instructors and moderators are available through the online forum to answer questions as you advance through the learning experience.

The Believer's Kingship online training course includes twelve class lessons, audio teachings and reading assignments to help you catch the spirit of the module with online quizzes that monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson.


  1. Revealing Your Kingship
  2. Christ's 40 Days Kingship Seminar
  3. Kingship: The Original Intent
  4. Redemption, Restoration, And Reconciliation
  5. The Genesis Mandate
  6. Kingdom And World Systems
  7. The Son Of Man
  8. Jesus: Our Kingship Prototype
  9. Developing A Kingship Mentality
  10. Kingship Strategies
  11. World Changers And History Makers
  12. Kingship: A Forward Shift
  1. The Basileia Of Dominion
  2. Pressing Into Kingdom
  3. Clash Of The Kingdoms Of This World
  4. Coming Out Of Your Spiritual Ghetto
  5. The Most Uncommon Anointing
  6. Empowered To Overcome Kingdoms
  7. The Kingdom, The Cross, And You
  8. Destined To Govern
  9. Invade, Occupy, and Influence
  10. Overcoming False Governments
  11. Empowering The Remnant
  12. Embracing Kingdom Expansion
  1. Kingdom Of Priests
  2. Everyone A Prophet No One A King
  3. Apostolic Alignment
  4. Breakthrough Believers
  5. The Warring Nature Of Man And The State
  6. The Seat Of Governing Authority
  7. Kingdom, Priests, And Rulers
  8. Authority To Govern
  9. The Reformer's Spirit
  10. The Holy Ghost & Remnant Believers
  11. Anointed For Spiritual Warfare
  12. Kingship Of Every Believer
  13. The Remnant
  14. Apostolic Reformers
  15. Toward Freedom
  16. Walking In The Spirit Of Liberty

Ministry Training CertificateReceive an Apostolic Equipping Institute ministry training certificate suitable for framing after completing the course.

The ministry training certificate will be mailed to you upon completion of the e-course. This is a twelve-week e-course that you can complete at your own pace. Take your time or finish sooner if you can.


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Each A.E.I. course includes e-books, pdf files, and mp3 audio downloads. (No books or cd's will be mailed.)