Control Freaks: Discerning Controlling People And Relationships

Control Freaks: Discerning Controlling People and RelationshipsControl freaks are dangerous controlling and manipulating people that try to take over your life. A Jezebel spirit is a dangerous controlling spirit. This spirit spiritually abuses people in marriage, relationships, and churches. But how does the Jezebel spirit operate? How can you tell if you are being victimized, singled out, targeted and controlled? Let’s look at some common identifiable characteristics of the Jezebel spirit.

The Jezebel spirit operates initially through seduction. To seduce means to:

1. Cause to stray

2. Lead away from the truth

3. Deceive

4. Wander out of the way

5. Lead into error

Controlling through Seduction

Jezebel cannot control a person who has not first been seduced. It’s only after the seduction that control and manipulation become effective. A Jezebel, through the decoy of kind words, drawn by gentle means, entices her victims with vain promises and persuasions designed to enslave her prey in a deceptive net. Jezebel is the master seductress. No one is better at using the allure of flattering words and smooth sayings than her.

Beware of vain flattery, smooth prophetic sayings and seducing tears from this spirit of control.

Jezebel often uses flattering words and smooth sayings to seduce. Her flattering words are insincere compliments spoken to win your favor. There is nothing wrong with a compliment, provided it is offered with the right motive. Vain flattery, however, is one of Jezebel’s most controlling method. The Hebrew word for “flattery” is chalaq, meaning “to be smooth, to separate, or to divide.” Controlling people use flattery and smooth sayings to manipulate their victims. A smooth (chalaq) saying is a form of seduction. Smooth sayings could sound something like,

“You’re so wonderful.”

“No one prophesies like you do.”

“You’re so special in God’s Kingdom.”

“No one understands you like I do.”

In this instance, a Jezebel (a controlling person) uses flattery to feed pride or low self-esteem. After all, the controlling person wants you to believe that he/she is the only one who truly understands your deeply felt needs. Self-serving interests, however, always motivate a Jezebel’s flattery. This spirit of control is interested in gaining entrance to your soul. Your soul is your mind, will, intellect, reasoning, imagination and, a controlling person’s grandest playground, your emotions. A controlling Jezebel is an expert at working his/hers manipulative behavior in the imaginations and emotions of your soulish realm.

Other forms of seduction include:

  • The release of controlling words
  • Prophecy
  • Manipulating silence (the silent treatment)
  • Sexual favors
  • Body language
  • Pouting
  • False tears of the crocodile kind
  • Timely weeping
  • Fear and intimidation

Each of these is craftily designed to seduce and manipulate your soul in an effort to get you to come under a Jezebel’s controlling powers.

Discerning Manipulative Behavior

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if the Jezebel spirit has manipulated you:

Has someone ever given you a compliment that you knew was insincere?

Do some people tend to flatter you excessively in order to get close to you?

Has someone ever been able to change your mind about a decision that you later regretted making?

Has someone ever threatened you in subtle ways in order to get what they wanted from you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then someone with a spirit of Jezebel has probably influenced you.

One of the main weapons of a Jezebel controlling person is witchcraft. 

Your partner,

(c) Apostle Jonas Clark