Signs Of Jezebel Spirit

Jezebel MeaningLet's take a look at the traits of the Jezebel spirit. Jezebel's meaning is defined as a spirit of control that cannot be ignored. Don’t let the spirit of Jezebel control your life. Sharpen your spiritual discernment, understand the definition of Jezebel spirits, the meaning of attacks, and stop this spirit early. This is the testimony of a woman battling Jezebel at church and home. 

 "I have experienced Jezebel in secular society and the Church. The Church was the worst because you are supposedly dealing with your Sister's in Christ and boy does she love to prophesy.

 The knowledge I needed didn't come to me until reading Revelation Chapter Two that it was a sin to tolerate Jezebel and how she hates the prophets.

In my encounters with Jezebel came dreams of sexual fornication. I would wake up feeling disturbed. The Holy Spirit taught me the meaning of the dreams and what was attacking me. I have learned a lot through research and personal experience. The conclusion was clear, stop tolerating the Jezebel spirit and to cut her off. Ending the relationships was my only option.

Two times in my church I encountered ladies with a Jezebel spirit. Both were prophesying by familiar spirits. I cut the one off fast. The other was harder because we lived in the same house. I put up firm boundaries, but that did not stop her from launching witchcraft attacks against me through soulish type of prayers. The more she prayed for me, the more I felt like Superman exposed to Kryptonite and utterly worthless to be used in anything.

Because of other warfare in my life, I was unaware that some of my spiritual grief was coming from her. It had taken about 18 months before I understood what she was releasing at me. The spiritual battle was intense. I could barely work or even think straight. I knew it was spiritual witchcraft, but I did not know at first it was coming from her. I felt like my thoughts and emotions were being completely controlled.

I reached out to others for prayer. Sadly, one lady that interceded for me also had a Jezebel spirit. This was another heavy blow having one Jezebel interceding for me to be free from another Jezebel. I was a wreck!

I spent a year in my bedroom depressed and struggling to function in everyday life. I felt like I was good for nothing. All I could do was pray in tongues. Eventually, instead of warring against the witchcraft, I started calling for the exposure of the source of it.

One day the Jezebel intercessor at church let her mask slip, and I saw the Jezebel spirit. I ended our relationship immediately. I felt a huge burden lift off me when I did that. I realized I had no choice but to move out of the realm of the other Jezebel because spiritual warfare was not working.

After ending these relationships, it still took about three years to get my identity and strength back. Now I understand how the Jezebel spirit tries to make eunuchs that only look to her, not God, for instruction. Reading your book, Jezebel Seducing Goddess of War helped a lot.

Jezebel carries a spirit of control. Sometimes, in the house, I would see a black spirit flying around. It looked like a ceiling fan. The Holy Spirit showed me that its name was Control. I would wake up oppressed almost every day, and was unable to get out of bed or think for myself. This was happening because my roommate carried the Jezebel spirit. It had taken 18 months before I saw it. In all of this, as strange as it sounds, the Holy Spirit used to teach me about spiritual authority to fight back.

These experiences have worked together for my good (Romans 8:28), and I have no problem confronting Jezebel now. She really does launch some wicked intimidation, but knowing that God does not tolerate Jezebel (or a church that does) helped me overcome any form of bowing to her. The fear of man is a snare.

Some of my friends thought I was harsh ending my relationship with the Jezebel in the church because she was such a "sweet lady." However, when it comes to the Jezebel or Absalom spirits (he was just as bad) you cannot be too harsh. We cannot allow what we see in the natural to deceive us. We must look at them in the Spirit and respond accordingly.

I am now interceding for these two ladies. I know God gives Jezebel a chance to repent, but if she does not, let the same measure she used against me be measured back to her!

I've never felt suicidal in my life, except when I lived with the Jezebel spirit. I have no problem saying no to Jezebel now or even rebuking her, but the most important thing is to DISCERN this spirit and catch it in its early stages before it gets a hold of your life."

The Jezebel spirit cannot be ignored. Don't let the spirit of Jezebel control your life. Sharpen your spiritual discernment and stop this spirit early.

© Apostle Jonas Clark