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Jezebel is like a volcano ready to explode at any moment, and the internal warfare is tremendous. When God puts Jezebel on a bed of tribulation, she can expect severe bouts of depression, mental instability leading to a dysfunctional mess. That internal warfare is the bed of tribulation. This is the Holy Ghost pressure cooker. Because God gives Jezebel a space to repent (grace), you must be all the more spiritually discerning. This is where spiritual maturity is important. More than likely when you met a person with a Jezebel spirit that spirit was dormant and invisible but now the space to repent is over, the Jezebel spirit is no longer hidden and attempts to usurp authority, seduce, control, manipulate, teach and prophesy by familiar spirits. She moves out in all the various Jezebel operations we discuss.

When the Jezebel spirit moves from dormant to manifestation, you have to change. The way we have handled this is to treat every person with grace and love until such a time as Jezebel manifest. When Jezebel manifests, your relationship has now changed, and you must not be controlled or manipulated. You must act without delay. You are an adult and don’t need her permission to do what’s right. A manifestation is apparent when Jezebel violates your relationship, trust, boundaries, starts to seduce, control and manipulate with her various witchcraft. Notice this pattern: grace, law, and judgment.