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People that carry a dormant Jezebel spirit are often talented, available to help, do many good things, have a heart for people, and can be overachievers with many awards for service and accomplishments. This is what makes this spirit so deceiving and dangerous. Somewhere along the line, however, the dormant Jezebel spirit wakes up. Something happens that triggers an old hurt that was buried alive. In other words, an old pain gets resurrected that triggers the Jezebel spirit. Perhaps they heard a conversation that reminded them of an experience, maybe a song that awakened a memory of betrayal or a person that looked like someone that once hurt them. Maybe they were corrected and couldn’t handle being accountable to someone else. Or perhaps it’s a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas that stirs bad memories. The awakening could be anything, spiritual pride, a hurt, wound, memory, pain, song, or even a movie. Perhaps the dormant Jezebel spirit was activated by another more senior Jezebel.