Change Agent Believers And The 8 Giants That Cannot Ignored

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Change Agent Believers And The 8 Giants That Cannot IgnoredChange agent believers is what God has called you to be. We have heard from prophets that the apostles are coming, and I believe that the apostolic reforming spirit of God has already arrived. Beware spirits of religion, divination, witchcraft, racism, anti-Christ, Jezebel, secular humanism, and foreign gods.

The Word of God teaches a restoration of all things before the return of the Lord. Scripture declares of Jesus, “Whom the heaven must receive until the times of the restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began” (Acts 3:21). Holy prophets are still speaking of that restoration today. Many things are being restored in this hour and the restoration of apostolic ministry, churches and believers is a major part of the fulfillment of that reconstruction.

The Holy Spirit is giving us little bits of prophetic insight into this restoration of the apostolic spirit. These writings are but a meager glimpse into the things that the Spirit of God has shown to me and others. You might ask yourself these questions regarding the restoration of all things and specifically the restoration of apostolic ministry and your involvement:

  1. How can apostolic ministry, churches, and believers be identified?
  2. What are the strongest earmarks that set them apart from others?
  3. Why is the restoration of apostolic ministry important today?
  4. How do you fit in?


As we explore these questions, we will discover one of the most striking signs of remnant believers is found in the spiritual climates of the churches they attend. The apostolic spirit is resident in remnant believers that attend apostolic churches. When you walk in the door, you immediately sense that something is different. The most amazing thing about this type of ministry is their sensitivity to the spiritual climate around them. Because of the strong apostolic anointing on the believers they aggressively contend with the hard heavens of their territories and command spiritual change.

Churches that carry an apostolic reforming spirit are churches that do more than nurture and pastor people. They know how to contend with the hard brazen heavens that hinder prayer, praise, liberty and the spiritual growth of the people. They know how to command spiritual gates to open that the King of Glory might come into their midst.

Listen and you hear a different sound among the believers in their services. Even their music is different, it’s apostolic. Apostolic music has more of a spiritual punch to it. It’s the sound of authority. Their songs are not the familiar nice mellow Christian tunes of your parent’s generation but are commanding, decreeing and proclaiming. They are songs that lift up and exalt Jesus while prophetically decreeing the will of the Lord for your life.


So what’s going on? Why are things so different and why do we see so much change? It’s because we have entered new apostolic times. We are experiencing another level of the restoration of all things and the release of apostolic grace. The apostolic spirit comes from the restoration of apostolic grace.Again, the Word of God, tells us about a time of great change that will take place before the return of the Lord. We also know that times of restoration or change are always preceded by a reforming spirit (Hebrews 9:10). The word reformation is the Greek word diorthosis which means to straighten out thoroughly and to restore to a natural and normal condition. So we learn that you cannot enter the times of restoration without the times of reformation. This is why the Holy Spirit is pouring out a reforming apostolic grace on the body of Christ. Reformation always precedes restoration. The vehicle for this restoration of all things will be the reforming anointing on the apostolic church. So let’s introduce a few characteristics of this new apostolic Church.