Royal Priesthood And  Prophetic Focus

Royal Priesthood And Prophetic Focus

Royal Priesthood And  Prophetic FocusRoyal priesthood is a declaration of kingship in 1 Peter 2:9. Kingship is acting on your spiritual authority to invade, occupy and take dominion. Everyone wants to be a prophet. The danger, however, is an excessive focus on the prophetic ministry can be unhealthy and cause you to miss your delegated kingship.

Spiritualism And 14 Earmarks Of A Spiritualist

Protect Yourself from False Prophetic Operations: 14 Earmarks of a Spiritualist

Spiritualism And 14 Earmarks Of A SpiritualistAre you aware of the increasing spiritualism in churches? Learn the 14 earmarks of a spiritualist and equip yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself from false prophetic operationsSpiritualism is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. Some things look like the Holy Spirit but are not. A spiritualist operates inside the spirit realm unlawfully with help from familiar spirits and divination. For example fortune telling. For almost every move of the Holy Spirit, there is a demonic counterfeit.

Prophetic Ministry Avoiding Strange Fire

Prophetic Ministry and Spiritual Discernment: A Guide for Navigating the World of Prophecy with Biblical Accuracy

Prophetic Ministry Avoiding Strange FireLearn how to navigate the world of prophetic ministry with biblical accuracy and spiritual discernment. Equip yourself with the tools to recognize the difference between true and false prophets, and embrace the calling of a New Testament prophetProphetic ministry, God's eyes, ears, and mouthpiece. Many are interested in prophetic ministry, but there’s much confusion about it. Throughout your ministry, you will be faced with spiritual opposition requiring spiritual discernment which will come from the Holy Spirit and is backed by the Word of God.

Prophetic Ministry Confrontations with Evil Spirits

Prophetic Ministry Confronts Evil Spirits: Unmasking Prophetic Defilement

Prophetic Ministry Confrontations with Evil SpiritsUnmasking the Deceptive Cancer of Prophetic Defilement. Lets discover how the devil works to oppose God's prophetic ministry by releasing deceitful spirits into the prophetic ministry and introducing unholy mixtures into the prophetic ministry. We will look at examples from the Bible of how prophets like Jeremiah had to contend with the false prophets of his day and the spiritual confrontations that took place. We will also examine the spiritual consequences of sin, rebellion and idolatry, and discover how to avoid the slippery ways of false prophets. We must be discerning and rely on the Holy Spirit to guard us against prophetic defilement.

House Of God And Mature Prophets

House Of God And Mature Prophets

House Of God And Mature Prophets

Ensure a safe and ordered flow in the church by understanding and applying prophetic taxis to protect the flock from false prophecy and familiar spiritsProphets know how to flow with the Holy Spirit in the house of God. Our society is filled with those that come into our churches who have formerly opened themselves up to New Age mysticism, witchcraft, the occult, and spiritualism.To protect the flock from false anointing and familiar spirits, there is a proper order in which the Holy Spirit likes to flow. When you understand this order you will compass biblical prophetic operations.







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