Bible School Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft Online Course

Bible School Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft Online Course

Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft Bible School Course


Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft Course will help you identify a spiritual attack and equip you to fight back. Twenty-five years ago I fought the powers of witchcraft against my mind for seven months and won! I didn’t know then what I know now. From my experiences and the Word of God, you can learn how to overcome demonic spiritual assignments against you fast. Firstly, this course has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca, magic, or the New Age Movement. This study deals with stopping the demonic powers of witchcraft that attack your mind when you obey God. Witchcraft is a real wicked force. Learn how to overcome it. These materials have helped thousands of people and will help you too.

Overcome Curses, Demons, Witchcraft, and Controlling Powers.

Spiritual witchcraft is the power of Satan that comes attacks your mind. Controlling witchcraft brings confusion, fear, and loss of identity. Thousands of good Christians don't know how to fight back against the spirit of witchcraft, but that's not God's will for you. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and revealer, and in this course, He will impart the Scriptural discernment you need to overcome the spirit of witchcraft. Get trained with useful spiritual warfare tools to discern and overcome controlling powers in your life, ministry, and church.



  • Learn how witchcraft uses confusion to distract you.
  • Find out how witchcraft destroys your identity.
  • Learn how witchcraft makes you want to give up and quit.
  • Learn how witchcraft makes you want to gain the approval of someone who abuses you.
  • Learn how to protect yourself against the curses of witchcraft.
  • Learn how to guard yourself against prophetic divination.
  • Disarm the controlling use of soul ties against you.
  • Learn the six early warning signs of a witchcraft attack.
  • Learn how witchcraft controls you.
  • Learn how to break witchcraft's isolation.
  • Learn how witchcraft separates you from friends and family.
  • Find out if you have a generational curse.
  • Learn how witchcraft uses false prophecy, weird dreams, and visions to deceive you.
  • Discover how prophetic witchcraft attacks you.


  • Learn how to discern a witchcraft attack.
  • Learn how to avoid religious witchcraft attacks against you.
  • Learn what witchcraft prayers sound like.
  • Learn how religious activity can end up being a witchcraft operation.
  • Learn how witchcraft can murder your reputation.


  • Learn witchcraft's inroads into people's lives.
  • Learn seven powerful ways to guard yourself.
  • Avoid the four common mistakes of every witchcraft victim.
  • Learn how to fight back and win every time.
  • Determine the top six Biblical weapons against witchcraft.
  • Learn how to cast down imaginations of worthlessness.



"I was in some pretty intense spiritual warfare, the kind that Pastor Jonas mentions. After studying this material, I learned how to get victory FAST for my family and me." -- Shawn, New York
"This material explains a lot of what has been happening to me. I am finally feeling free again and thank God for it! Studying this has been a huge confirmation to me and how to deal with the control issues surrounding me." -- Jenine
“This study literally saved my life!” Terry, Portland
“This does a great job showing the difference between regular stress and witchcraft-related spiritual warfare. Fighting, preaching, and battling against spiritual retaliations like witchcraft is really important training. I sell health-related items, and there are times when we know our weariness is not from lack of sleep, or vitamins, etc. and the only explanation is a witchcraft assignment. Great material.” -- Carol
“When you described confusion … Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea! We don’t have to be scared or confused anymore.” -- Susan, Chicago
“My husband and I have been battling this spirit for more than twenty years, with no one that was able to confirm our experience or exposure to this debilitating spirit. Now we can battle back!” -- Debbie, Vermont
“Everyone should invest in this material. This teaching saved me from the forces of Jezebel, religion, occult, and witchcraft spirits and empowered me to stand in the liberty wherewith I was set free. As I studied boldness came over me and a desire to know more of Christ and His written word.” -- Shean, North Carolina

This eLearning course will teach you many powerful truths. Let me help you win the battle against the spirit of witchcraft.

Apostolic Equipping Institute Course

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Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft online training course includes twelve class lessons, audio teachings, and reading assignments to help strengthen your life and ministry with online quizzes that monitor your progress and understanding of each lesson.


  1. Weapons of Witchcraft
  2. Witchcraft's Control
  3. Witchcraft's Hidden Agenda
  4. Prophetic Witchcraft
  5. Witchcraft Warning Signs
  6. Witchcraft's Road to Deception
  7. Religious Witchcraft
  8. Witchcraft and Rebellion
  9. Imaginations and Witchcraft
  10. Out of Control
  11. Whispers in Your Ear
  12. Satan's Best Spiritual Warfare Strategy


  1. Hallmarks of Spiritual Witchcraft
  2. Breaking Witchcraft's Powers
  3. Witchcraft's Dark Influence
  4. Exposing Jezebel’s Web of Deception
  5. How Prophets Overcome Witchcraft
  6. The Day Peter Was Deceived
  7. Avoiding Bitterness
  8. The Road to Deception
  9. Don't Be Set Up
  10. Spirit Led, Not Just Spirit Born
  11. How Faith and Humility Work Together
  12. Strategies for Effective Imaginations
  13. Developing a Warring Grace
  14. Breaking the Power of Word Curses
  15. Destroying Satan's Works


  1. When Other Believers Attack You
  2. Witchcraft, Loneliness, Church, and the Jezebel Spirit
  3. Prophetic Divination
  4. Stopping Wizards In Prophetic Disguise
  5. Battle Of The Mind: How You Think Affects Your Life
  6. Eight Woes Of Jesus
  7. Overcoming Gossip and Vain Imaginations
  8. What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up
  9. Freedom From Word Curses
  10. Confronting Demonic Powers Of Darkness

Receive an Apostolic Equipping Institute ministry training certificate suitable for framing after completing the course. The ministry training certificate will be mailed to you on completion of the e-course. This is a twelve-week e-course that you can complete at your own pace. Take your time or finish sooner if you can.

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