Spiritual Discernment And Prayer Against Witchcraft Spirit Attacks

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Witchcraft uses soul ties to control its victims. Have you ever heard the word soul ties? Well, that is what witchcraft wants to create with its victim. If your emotions can be hooked, then they can gain a soul tie with you. If they can form a soul tie with you, then they can control you. All abnormal soul ties need to be broken by the power of the Name of Jesus. There are natural soul ties and abnormal soul ties.

A natural soul tie could be formed if you were involved in a plane crash, landed on a remote island with several survivors and helped each other endure. The result of that accident could lead to a positive emotional bonding with the others. That is a healthy bonding because everybody successfully went through a great trial together.

When you have sexual relations with someone, there is a soul tie (emotional bonding) that generates because two fleshes become one (Genesis 2:24). Sexual relations in marriage generate a healthy soul tie, while sexual relations outside of marriage create unhealthy soul ties.

I know of times when people have lost their children through some unfortunate accident. Just being there with them has formed an emotional soul tie. In essence, there are some good soul ties that bring stability into a person's life to help get them through something. Then there are soul ties used solely for the purpose of manipulation, control, and selfish gain.

Take a look at these questions.

  • Have you ever been emotionally bonded with someone who used that bonding to control or manipulate you?
  • Have you met the person who tries to make himself or herself look important through the use of other peoples' reputations?
  • Do you feel like you cannot make personal decisions without asking this person first?
  • Do you know anyone who insinuates they are part of an organization through namedropping?

There are many other examples of spiritual warfare attacks we could share, but this is a good start. I try to write from my personal experiences in the "Jonas Clark Revolutionary Review Newsletter" and show you what the Holy Spirit taught me from the Word of God. 

(c) Apostle Jonas Clark


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