Spiritual Discernment And Prayer Against Witchcraft Spirit Attacks

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Witchcraft attacks originate from somewhere because of the actions of somebody. Words spoke to you, for example, can release demonic assignments that attack your life. Sometimes witchcraft attacks come from those people you know that are controllers. Controllers, you know who they are, will waste your time. What these witchcraft controllers do is spend abnormal amounts of time with their victims:

  • The girl that consumes all her friends' spare time.
  • The boy that smothers his girlfriend with inordinate attention.
  • The father that picks his son up on his day off because of reoccurring emergencies.
  • The husband that keeps his wife so busy that she has no time for anything else.
  • The believer that wants to meet with the pastor each week to talk about the same old, same old.
  • The teacher who drowns the student with excessive tutoring.
  • The mother that won't let her adult children make decisions without checking with her.
  • The friend that never goes home.
  • The boss that continually has you in his office to sit and listen.
  • The Bible study teacher that won't let you study the Bible for yourself.

Witchcraft will go out of the way to control and waste your time. It is not a natural thing; it is a spiritual thing. Scripture says,"Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbor's house; lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee" (Proverbs 25:17). In the local church, we can sometimes (not always) see the spirit of witchcraft operating through the person who wants to hold a deep spiritual conversation with you or the pastor right before the service starts.

Here are some more questions to help you identify if witchcraft has been released at you.

  • Is there anyone who spends abnormal amounts of time with you either in person or on the telephone?
  • Is there anyone who continually consumes or desires your time, especially when you should be in church?
  • Have you ever noticed the person who wants to have a spiritual conversation with you during the most reverent time of a church service?
  • Do you feel like you cannot even think on your own after being around this person? 

When controllers get caught, they try and divert your attention away from them. 

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