Why Christians Should Avoid Dead Churches

Why Christians Should Avoid Dead ChurchesAre you looking for a church that is alive with the presence of the Holy Spirit? Do you want to experience true worship, fellowship, and transformation?

Do Not Be Conformed to this World: Protecting Children From After-School Satan Clubs and Drag Queen Shows

Protecting  Children  From After -School Satan  Clubs and Drag  Queen ShowsIn a world where darkness is ever increasing, Christians stand firm in their opposition to after-school Satan clubs and drag queen shows being presented to children, as they are seen as being in direct contrast to the values and teachings of the Bible. Evil wants the children.

The Power of Unchecked Government: A Warning from The Road to Serfdom

The Power of Unchecked GovernmentAs disciples of Christ we should understand that we are both salt and light in a world of darkness. I thought it would be a good  idea to bring to your attention a book by FA Hayek that speaks of the dangers of unchecked government power. Apostle Paul made it clear that there is a spiritual battle taking place. Let's take a look.

Exploring 500 Years of Western Cultural History: The Bible, Enlightenment Ideas, and the Role of Christianity in Society

of Western Cultural HistoryThis is a book that I found interesting that renders a perspective of cultural history of the West and the ideas of the  Enlightenment and role of Christianity in society. So if you are a Christian looking to gain a deeper understanding of your faith and its influence on Western culture this will give you some insight.

The Power of Revolutionary Ideas: An Analysis of Fire in the Minds of Men

The Power of Revolutionary IdeasJesus trained 12 apostles that turned the world upside down. These men were the first gospel revolutionaries. You, too, are called into spiritual revolution. That's why I thought it would be good to recommend a book that explores the premise. "Fire in the Minds of Men, by James Billington, is a must-read book for any Christian looking to understand the history of revolutionary ideas and their influence on our world today.







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