The Legacy of Stanley H. Frodsham

The Legacy of Stanley H. FrodshamStanley H. Frodsham (1886-1955) was a renowned Pentecostal minister who wrote the influential book With Signs Following. Born in England, he was the son of a Wesleyan minister. He was educated at the Methodist Seminary in Richmond, England, and later attended the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

Frodsham was ordained in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1908 and served as a pastor for three years in England. In 1911, he immigrated to the United States, settled in Omaha, Nebraska, and became an evangelist. While in Omaha, he became deeply influenced by the Pentecostal movement and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1913.

In 1915, he was appointed General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) and served in this role until 1937. During his tenure, he traveled extensively and preached in over forty countries. He was also instrumental in the growth of the PAW and was responsible for the establishment of numerous churches, missions, and Bible institutes.

In 1926, Frodsham published his first book, With Signs Following. This book quickly gained popularity among Pentecostalists and is still widely read today. Through this book, Frodsham shared his experiences and convictions on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. He also discussed the importance of holiness, the power of prayer, and the importance of unity within the Church. Frodsham also wrote several other books, including Gospel Evangelism (1936) and How to Receive the Holy Spirit (1951).

In addition, he wrote numerous articles for various religious publications and was an editor for the Pentecostal Herald and the Apostolic Times. Throughout his life, Frodsham was dedicated to spreading the Gospel and the Pentecostal message. He was a tireless advocate for the Pentecostal movement, and his influence can still be felt today.

He passed away in 1955, but his writings continue to inspire and challenge readers to seek a deeper relationship with God. Stanley H. Frodsham was a dedicated and influential Pentecostal minister whose writings have had a lasting impact on the Church. Through his writing and preaching, Frodsham helped spread the Pentecostal message to the nations and inspired many to pursue a closer relationship with God. His legacy lives on today, and he will be remembered for his commitment to the Gospel and for his important contributions to the Pentecostal movement. 


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