Kingdom of God Embracing Kingdom Culture

Kingdom of God Embracing Kingdom Culture

Embrace the Kingdom of God's CultureKingdom of God has seven elements that define it. Embracing the Kingdom of God is your road through conflict, fear, and perilous times. As Disciples of Christ restoring the New Testament apostolic model of ministry, we have hope. To understand the Kingdom of God is to understand the culture of the Kingdom.


I am convinced that embracing the Kingdom of God is our road through conflict, confusion, fear, even perilous times (Matthew 6:33). Just as you studied out the apostolic model of ministry and are transitioning into it (Ephesians 4), study Christ's Kingdom of God teachings. To understand the Kingdom of God is to understand the culture of the Kingdom. Every kingdom has seven elements including the Kingdom of God.

  1. Social Organization
  2. Customs and Traditions
  3. Language
  4. Arts and Literature
  5. Religion
  6. Government
  7. Economic System

I will explain these in detail in the process of time.

The governments (kingdoms) of this world are being shaken. Mammon is a cruel taskmaster, and Mammon kingdoms are falling apart. I am reminded of Isaiah's prophecy speaking of the remnant. "And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations" (Isaiah 9:4). Notice the ministry of the anointed remnant: build and repair. The three words that are in the DNA of the New Testament apostolic model of ministry are build, restore and govern.

Those of you that follow this ministry hear this: You have to make a choice. You can preach to the masses, or you can preach to the remnant. You can minister in righteousness, or you can compromise. You can take the road of Saul, or you can take the road of David. The reason there is so much corruption in Washington D.C. is because we have corruption within the Church. The reason we have political pimps and prostitutes in Washington D. C. is because we have gospel pimps and prostitutes in the Church. Please forgive my crudeness but you know it’s true. If we will change a nation, we much change the Church.

Ministers of the Most High, this is your responsibility. Let’s break from celebrity Christianity, accolades of men and watered down preaching and pick up the blazing sword of the Spirit and speak the truth in love to those within our ministries. There is an old saying, “As goes the Church so goes the nation.” Let’s face it. If we want what the apostles of old had then we must preach what the apostles of old preached.

At the beginning of the year, the Holy Ghost spoke of these three things to the prophets in my church:

  1. A three prong cord is not easily broken. That cord was reformation, restoration and renaissance.
  2. The mysteries of the Kingdom of God would sustain us.
  3. The necessity of unity: Speaking the same thing, moving in the same direction and working together as one.

All of these were references to embracing the Kingdom of God. As already said, to embrace the Kingdom of God requires us to embrace the culture of the Kingdom. I am proud of the people at Spirit of Life Ministries and the Global Cause Network that have laid down their lives for Christ, are faithful to pray and seek God with everything in them for revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus gave us the answer we need for our generation. It's found in understanding what the Kingdom of God is and how to embrace it. I am going to do everything I can to teach you what the Holy Ghost is saying. From making the transition from a pastoral-only model of ministry to the more effective apostolic model of ministry and everything I hear from the Holy Ghost regarding embracing the Kingdom of God. So be encouraged dear ones. Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." This is our finest hour. We were created for such a time as this.

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