Jesus is Looking for Champions

The Global Cause Network is feeding the hungry, caring for orphans and abandoned children in Central America and networking believers that want to do something meaningful for Christ. Does that sound like you?

"Is There Not A Cause?"

Thousands of believers across the globe feel like they don't fit in some religious circles. They have been resisted and rejected for being too fervent, too bold, too zealous, too everything. Others are discontented with lifeless religion, distressed by legalistic traditions and in debt, while in search of identity. However, just like Caleb there remains in them a different spirit. They desire to see God's power work through them to impact the lives of others. If this sounds like you, then take this opportunity to do something great -- Become a Champion partner with the Global Cause Network (GCN).

GCN Champion Partners want to do something for Christ – like reaching the nations with the Gospel and establishing the Kingdom of God. They understand that God has put a unique gift in them and want to something great for Him. Champion Partners recognize the importance of equipping and activating every believer for ministry. They understand that changing our world for Jesus cannot be done by one man, we need one another. They are convinced that we need a partnership of revolutionary believers. GCN is that partnership.

When I was in London, England in 1999 the Spirit of God told me to start a revolution by bringing an apostolic identity to the body of Christ. He told me there were thousands of believers who were tired of dead tradition and lifeless religion. He told me we must break free from a one-man-only model of ministry in which the pastor does everything. He told me it was time to exchange bless-me-only preprogrammed services for a model that equips and releases every believer into ministry. That’s why we set up the Global Cause Network (GCN) of Champion Partners. By becoming a Champion Partner, you are part of Christ's righteous revolution. Want to do something meaningful for Christ? Become a Champion Partner and help me advance the Gospel throughout the nations. Read more about what we do or become a Champion Partner today.







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