Avoiding Familiar Spirits


Avoiding Familiar Spirits 1To avoid familiar spirits, the mature prophet will wait on the unction from the Lord. Prophecy is a serious ministry and should not be taken lightly. To meddle in prophetic ministry outside the unction is dangerous and damaging to the lives of precious people.

Prophesying is not something done solely by faith. Prophecy is not by the prophet’s faith and will exclusively. Faith alone does not force the Holy Spirit to speak. You have a measure of faith involved, but the prophet is not making prophetic utterance come by faith. The seasoned prophet understands this and can protect himself and others from prophetic error. Again, prophecy is not about faith, will or emotion; it’s about waiting for the Holy Ghost to move.


The prophet is only a spokesman. If the Holy Spirit decides to speak, He will, but the prophet must wait for the unction offered according to the direct will of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:11). Let’s look at the pattern for a safe prophetic release, “Holy men spake as they were moved (compelled and prompted) by the Holy Ghost.” True, prophetic utterance is always with Holy Ghost unction. Unction is God’s permission to speak on His behalf. If there is no unction, then the prophet is acting by assumptive faith decoupled from the Holy Spirit’s prompting. This is unsafe.

Unction, Greek charisma, means anointing. Those that prophesy by presumptuous faith are in danger of tapping into a demonic spirit of divination. This is the realm where high-level occult spirits gain access into the lives of Christians, churches, and ministries. Again this reveals the seriousness of the prophet’s ministry and responsibility of every believer to judge prophecy according to the written word of God.

Divination through familiar spirits is foretelling (prophesying) the future by occult means. As already said, prophecy should come only after you receive Holy Ghost unction to speak. This is the Biblical pattern taught us in the Word and demonstrated by the prophets of old that were first “moved by the Holy Ghost.” Remember, unction for the prophet is the permission of the Holy Spirit to speak. After you receive permission, then use your faith and surrender to the will of the Spirit and prophecy.

Your partner,

(c) Apostle Jonas Clark