Overcoming Spiritual Resistance: Conquering the Unseen Forces of Wickedness Through Christ

The Way Of The WarriorYou can overcome spiritual resistance to your life because you are more than a conqueror in Christ. The triumphant Christian lifestyle includes engaging in spiritual combat against the  unseen forces of wickedness.

When Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit, He was able to cast out demons, battle Satan as the Son of Man, cure the sick, resurrect the dead, bind up storms, and overthrow principalities and powers.

Christianity involves spiritual conflict, and this conflict is still ongoing. The recognition of and opposition to demonic principalities and powers has historically been correlated with the growth and fall of spiritual power within the Church of Christ. Without faith it's impossible to please God.

As leaders became aware of the spiritual combat sparked by demonic forces, they provided Christians with the tools they needed to respond with their delegated spiritual authority. Christ said, I give unto you power. In other words, you are well able to speak the word of God, battle against evil, and win every time. These words are common for the spiritual warrior, It is written.

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