Jezebel Spirit : Are You Being Mentored By Her? Find Out.

Jezebel Spirit :Are You Being Mentored By her? Find Out.

Jezebel spirit is one of the most dangerous spirits you will come into contact. If you are not careful, this spirit can damage or destroy your relationship with others, your marriage, and ministry. With the rise of social media such as Facebook, we see more and more Jezebel spirits building discipleship groups. The risk for you being ministered to by someone that has a Jezebel spirit is increasing. 

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Soul Ties And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit

Soul Ties, Sex, And Jezebel's Seducing SpiritSoul ties formed by the Jezebel spirit is a primary source of emotional pain, destroyed lives, broken marriages, family problems, churches and ministry failures. There was a time in my life when I was battling something spiritually, but I could not see what it was. Then one day the Holy Spirit revealed to me the spirit of Jezebel. This was the most dangerous enemy ever encountered, and I knew nothing about it.

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The Remnant Prayer Battles

The Remnant Prayer BattlesThe Remnant are not like everybody else. That’s because you are a remnant believer. Remnant believers are like David’s mighty men. They were known as “helpers of the war” having three unique remnant qualities. 1. They were frustrated 2. They knew things could be better 3. They put action with their faith. It takes all three of these qualities before anyone will change their lifestyle. If one is missing change will not occur.

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