Stopping 'Christian' Witchcraft

Stopping 'Christian' Witchcraft We all have some sense of what witchcraft is. Some equate witchcraft with Halloween, Jack-o’-lanterns, caped women atop broom sticks, Wicca, or even Dorothy’s Wizard of OZ archenemy. The best-selling books and movies chronicling the adventures of Harry Potter continue to sanction witchcraft in our society through casting spells and mixing potions while presenting a great saga between good and evil witches. And, of course, who could forget the ever so popular video game Dungeons and Dragons, the fantasy role-playing game where players engage dark forces with their magical powers.

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My Confrontation With the Jezebel Spirit

My Confrontation With Jezebel SpiritI met the Jezebel spirit some years ago and quickly became acquainted with her wicked ways. Shortly after our introduction, I found myself resisted on all fronts, yet didn’t completely understand what that resistance was. You see, Jezebel was yet an unnamed foe in my life. The Jezebel spirit was at that time a mysterious rival that seemed to know me better than I knew it. It was as if she had studied my strengths and weaknesses as she prepared to wage an all-out war against me.

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