A Call to Act: Faith Without Works is Dead

Faith Without Works Is DeadMany people ask the question, "What is faith?" The Bible has some good answers to the question. Faith without works is dead, according to James 2:20. The Bible is full of promises and principles, with a promise being a commitment to do something and a principle being an action necessary to receive a promise. To receive the promises of God, you have to act on His kingdom principles and possess them by force.
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The Kingdom of Heaven: Christ's Message of Restoration

Seek Ye FirstPut the Kingdom of Heaven first and understand the difference between the preaching of the person of Christ and the message of ChristJesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and the restoration of all things. To understand the kingdom message, one must understand that Jesus had two ministries - the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world and the ministry of restoring the King. To put the kingdom of God first requires being kingdom of God minded. This means understanding that Jesus was anointed to restore the kingdom and defeat Satan's rule. This article provides many New Testament Scripture references to the Kingdom of God to help readers become more kingdom minded.

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Power of Decisions, Choices, and Destiny

Power of Decisions, Choices, and DestinyPower of decisions, everything starts with a decision Your world changes when you decide to change.  Decisions determine the quality of your life. Whatever is happening in your life right now has something to do with your past decisions. If you made good decisions, then you are reaping good things. But if you made bad decisions, you are suffering. Understand this, right choices are important. Now, if you don’t like your life, you can change it. “How,” you ask? By making a decision to change. Everything starts with a decision. Your history is connected to decisions and your future is connected to decisions.

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