Kingdom Of God And Spiritual Warfare

 Kingdom Of God And Spiritual WarfareKingdom of God and the battle against five demonic assignments "after you believe" God. I call these demonic attacks "The Sower’s Spiritual Warfare". Remnant believers know how to stop Satan from stealing their harvest. Remnant believer’s associate revelation from the Holy Spirit as a seed sown in their hearts and understand that a planted seed knows what to do, produce a harvest. Satan must get to that planted seed in your heart as soon as possible. He knows if he doesn’t get it out of your heart, it will surely produce a great harvest of blessing in your life. Satan uses five tactics that you need to know about: Pressure, ill-treatment, debt, wealth deception, and things forbidden.

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Fifth Column - America's Saboteurs

Fifth Column - America's SaboteursFifth column is a group of unknown insurgents who hate God, nation, and Christian culture, fighting from within a nation while aiding foreign invaders. Oftentimes people email me notes saying that we should just pray. I certainly believe in prayer, but prayer alone will not stop the battle to destroy our nation. As Christian Americans, we must engage the enemy of our souls both spiritually and naturally. The truth is that our nation is in serious trouble and the battle against a demonic fifth column within our country can no longer be ignored. Daniel Webster (1782-1856) warned,

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