Effective Leadership And The 8 Levels Of Influence

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The fifth level of leadership influence is when people know their leader really cares about them. At this level, solid trust and confidence are gained toward the leader. Sometimes I think people forget that the ministry is about people. It’s so easy to get caught up in ministry activity and forget the only thing you really have is people and they are your ministry’s most valuable assets.

God has placed inside every person a particular gift that just needs a little encouragement. Anybody can see people as they are, but great leaders see what people can become. People always respond to a leader that really has their best interest at heart. If the apostolic revolution has taught us anything it’s a view of people as spiritual sons and daughters worth investing in.

The sixth level of leadership influence is reached when a person’s life has really been changed. Leadership involves helping others move toward a common goal. Let’s face it, your success as a leader depends on your ability to help – truly help – those around you become all that God wants them to be. You will never be more successful than those closest to you. As those around you achieve their goals and rise, so will you. It’s when a person’s life is better off because of their leader that Level Six Influence is reached. Ask yourself this question, “Has your life been changed for the better because of your association with your leader?”

The seventh level of leadership influence is when the follower recognizes that his or her destiny is somehow divinely connected with the leader. There would never have been an Elisha without an Elijah, a Paul without a Barnabas, or a Joshua without a Moses. What would Timothy’s life have been like without the Apostle Paul? Leadership influence increases when people see that a certain measure of their destiny resides inside somebody else. The pattern for connected destinies is found throughout the Bible. Elisha wanted a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. Elijah said if you see me go up then you can have it. His destiny was connected to Elijah.

The eighth level of leadership influence is the highest of all. It’s the level where the leader’s vision becomes the follower’s vision. No longer is the person following a person but has taken full ownership of the vision. No longer is this person a follower but is a co-laborer. Leader and follower now have the same heart and are working together for the same cause. Level eight influence was required for the disciples of old to lay down their lives for Christ.

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