Sex, Soul Ties, And Jezebel's Seducing Spirit


The Jezebel spirit has spellbinding powers. Jezebel is a spirit, not a gender. A married man wrote desperate for help saying, "I cannot get this other woman out of my head." He was bewitched, seduced, and taken captive in his emotions. Another victim penned, "I almost left my husband for someone with a Jezebel spirit. I did not realize how the spirit of seduction could get such a firm hold on my mind. During my encounter with Jezebel's seduction I got to the point where I could not even think straight, my judgment was clouded, and things I used to be able to do I could not do anymore."

Through much prayer, study, and talking with others, I put together Jezebel Seducing Goddess of War. In that teaching, we pulled back the curtain so you could see what you were battling against along with the Jezebel' spirits major characteristics.

Sex, Soul Ties, and Jezebel's Seducing Spirit is my second teaching. In this, we focus on the deceptive and seducing features of the Jezebel spirit that create ungodly soul ties. This material is critical because it helps protect you from the seducing entanglement that Jezebel uses to destroy the lives of her victims.


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