Stop Generational Curses, Fast!

Breaking Family Curses

Overcome reoccurring curses that visit your family. A family curse is a reoccurring problem that steals, kills and destroys.Generational curses, rejection, instability, abuse and demon powers attack many families. If your family is under assault it could be possible that a family curse is visiting. Curses include premature death, sickness, accidents, divorce, family feuds, addictions, and others.

You Cannot Ignore Family Curses

Many addictions, financial losses, infirmities, and sicknesses continue to reoccur within the family because of generational curses.

Demon powers and familiar spirits find open doors into your family through a lack of repentance and forgiveness.

Demon spirits don't play fair. They will continue to torment your family if you don't stop them.

One day a devoted pastor asked me if I would pray for a young lady in his church who had been tormented for years by demons. He said they had tried to cast devils out of her for five years without success. By the grace of God family curses were identified and broken. That night she walked away free from the powers of darkness. To God be the glory!

There are many curses that can plague you from reoccurring sicknesses, marital problems, to repeated financial failures. Learn to stop them with these proven truths.

Family curses visit as a result of sin and rebellion by relatives up your family tree. Scripture declares that God visits the iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate him.

You cannot choose your relatives any more than you can choose skin color, gender, or race. Did someone in your family lineage sin against God?

Mature believers don’t let the demons from a family member's past alter their futures.

It is comforting to know that deliverance from family curses belongs to you. Before you can break generational curses you need to identify what they look like. Family curses are real. You can’t hide from them, you must break them.

In this deliverance ministry kit, you will benefit from all the teaching to help your family obtain freedom.

What you'll learn:

  1. Seven Signs of a Family Curse
  2. Six Attacking Curses
  3. Open Doors for Family Curses
  4. Spiritual House Cleaning
  5. Prayer against Family Curses
  6. Overcoming Emotional Hurts and Wounds
  7. Overcoming Personality Malfunctions
  8. Emotional Recovery Check List
  9. The Scriptural Foundation for Deliverance
  10. How to Continue the Deliverance Ministry of Jesus
  11. The Different Types of Spirits Mentioned in the Bible
  12. How to Cast Out Devils
  13. Our Authority as Believers
  14. Six Things Evil Spirits Attach Themselves To
  15. How to Keep Your Deliverance.

The Breaking Family Curses Value Kit includes 4 Books and 3 audio CD Albums (12 CDs)

4 Books

  • Breaking Family Curses
  • Come Out! How to Set the Captives Free
  • Life After Rejection, God's Path to Emotional Healing
  • How Witchcraft Spirits Attack

3 Audio CD Albums 12 CDs - Over 14 Hours of Awesome Teaching

  • Breaking Family Curses - This (4 CD) teaching series Includes:
  1. CD-1 No Cause, No Curse
  2. CD-2 Expelling Visiting Spirits
  3. CD-3 Seven Signs of a Family Curse
  4. CD-4 Breaking the Power of Word Curses
  • Overcoming Dysfunctional Emotions & Reclaiming Your Life - This (4 CD) teaching series Includes:
  1. CD-1 Emotional Recovery Check List
  2. CD-2 Digging Out Of Rejection Issues
  3. CD-3 Arresting Personality Malfunctions
  4. CD-4 David's Dysfunctional Family

Demons & Deliverance - This (4 CD) teaching series Includes:

  1. CD-1 Anointing for Deliverance
  2. CD-2 Heritage of Deliverance Ministry
  3. CD-3 6 Types of Pneuma Spirits 
  4. CD-4 Confronting Demon Powers



Breaking Family Curses! - Value Kit


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