A Personal Letter from Jonas Clark


Apostle Jonas Clark with OrphansGlobal Cause Network Champions help the poor and needy in Central America. Providing for orphans, building and staffing Christian schools, printing and sharing training materials, agricultural training and a Gospel of hope, faith and love.

For the last several years I have been writing on restoring apostolic ministry and Jesus’ constant teaching to his disciples on the Kingdom of God. The apostolic is simply a model of ministry that uses all five-fold ascension gifts to perfect (equip) the born-again believer to do what they are called “particularly” to do with their life. Everybody is different, important and valuable, and has something individually they are called to do that will make a difference in this world. The model also focuses on creating a platform for advancing and establishing the Kingdom of God in all the kingdoms of this world we call society.

Jesus made it clear that his followers should be proactive in their faith. Unlike the Monks of the Middle Ages that sequestered themselves from the world we know that Christ has called us to be salt, light and a city on a hill, sown into this world to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, Christ’ culture, Christian shared values, morality and righteousness, and with a heart toward suffering humanity.

I have also had the opportunity to walk out the apostolic model in the sense of working with churches, ministries and believers in other nations. As you know we have been focusing recently in the nation of Nicaragua. There we are building apostolic church prototypes that can demonstrate the differences between what we have here at home and what’s needed to be effective in ministry in developing nations. For example, the model for some at home is obvious, teach prosperity, altar calls to bless people and teach them to be good until the return of Christ. I too believe in biblical prosperity, blessing people and the return of Christ. Prosperity teaching in America, however, means give and you will be activated, blessed, or anointed. I know that sounds harsh, but perhaps you need to view our Christian television programs through the foreign eyes of hungry people. The ministry model of tithes, offerings and impartation of blessing-only does little in poverty-stricken nations. Yes, they can glean from those things but they need much more.

Our church in Nicaragua, for example, is full of people, poor people, with little education and few jobs. Teaching them to tithe and give offerings amounts to about $25.00 a month. That’s with everybody tithing! That won’t even pay the electric bill. So with that in mind what do you think about our U.S. model of ministry now? If you were in a harsh, poverty-stricken territory what model of ministry would you use to build with? I’m convinced the New Testament apostolic model is helping us overcome.

What seems to be working so far, even though I think it’s got a long way to go, is focusing on leadership training, education, starting businesses, empowering individual believers according to their unique gifts. We are also providing for orphans, building and staffing Christian schools, printing and sharing training materials, agricultural training and offering the Gospel of hope, faith and love.

Right now we have a crisis. I don’t have to tell you how much food has risen in price. I’m sure that you are as shocked as I am. But what if you were one of the few that had a job that made less than a hundred dollars a month? In our churches in Nicaragua the people need food. The prices have shot through the roof! We have to do something now.

Yes, we are going to buy some food but we can do better than that, we can grow it. We can add farming to our model of effective apostolic ministry. That may sound strange to city folks but it’s vital in developing nations. I have already met with some of the Global Cause Network leaders and we are organizing right now to plant crops. The goal is to grow enough food to feed all the people within our churches and have food left over to sell. But I need your help. The rains will arrive in about three weeks. We have to clear fields, plow and get some seed in the ground but we need finances to buy seed and fertilizer.

The people in our churches are ready to work. Let’s empower them. Will you help me? Maybe you can buy a tractor or help me pay to get our fields plowed another way. Whatever you can do please do it now. Rhonda and I are going to Nicaragua. Send us armed and ready to show the love of Christ. Again, please do what you can right now and thanks for your prayers and partnership. Together we can make a difference in this world.

Your partner,

Jonas Clark