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Jonas Clark eBooks on Spiritual warfare, Spiritual Deliverance ministry, Apostolic Prophetic and the Kingdom of God for hungry believers and leaders.

7 Signs of a Family Curse (ebook) 7 Signs of a Family Curse (ebook)
Family curses are reoccurring problems that steal, kill, and destroy. Scripture is clear more
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Avoiding Foreign Spirits (ebook) Avoiding Foreign Spirits (ebook)
Foreign spirits are entering churches and ministries undetected. Prophetic people are more
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Breaking Christian Witchcraft (ebook) Breaking Christian Witchcraft (ebook)
Witchcraft is a bona fide demonic power released through various activities such as words, more
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Discover the Root Causes of Family Curses (ebook) Discover the Root Causes of Family Curses (ebook)
A generational curse finds a reason to manifest in your life and family. Family curses more
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Effective Prayer Against Family Curses (ebook) Effective Prayer Against Family Curses (ebook)
Family curses are not fair and many suffer from these reoccurring family problems even more
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Entering Prophetic Ministry (ebook) Entering Prophetic Ministry (ebook)
Prophets carry a great sense of spiritual authority. They enjoy rooting out, pulling more
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Healing Rejection & Emotional Abuse (ebook) Healing Rejection & Emotional Abuse (ebook)
Everyone comes face-to-face with rejection. It is a part of everyday life. We can’t more
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Holy Ghost: Tongues, Power and Prayer (ebook) Holy Ghost: Tongues, Power and Prayer (ebook)
Prayer, Speaking in tongues, Holy Ghost Power Jesus was the greatest more
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How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry (ebook) How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry (ebook)
Jezebel knows how to hijack prophetic ministry. Christ warned His disciples of Jezebel’ more
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How Prophets Fail (ebook) How Prophets Fail (ebook)
Not every prophet makes it. Power, money, prestige, honor, promotion, and enticements more
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How Witchcraft Spirits Attack (ebook) How Witchcraft Spirits Attack (ebook)
There are spiritual forces of witchcraft working to destroy your life, ministry and more
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Identifying Prophetic Spiritists (ebook) Identifying Prophetic Spiritists (ebook)
Spiritualism is invading our churches and overcoming some ministries. To identify its more
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Jezebel and Prophetic Ministry (ebook) Jezebel and Prophetic Ministry (ebook)
Following Jezebel's prophets can get you killed. Jezebel is a prophetess and teacher, more
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Overcoming Dark Imaginations (ebook) Overcoming Dark Imaginations (ebook)
With your spirit you connect to the unseen spirit world, with your body the natural world, more
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Prophecy Without Permission (ebook) Prophecy Without Permission (ebook)
Presumptuous prophets prophesy because they can, but should they? Does a prophet need more
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Prophetic Confrontation (ebook) Prophetic Confrontation (ebook)
Spiritual confrontation within prophetic ministry is historic. Examples include Micaiah, more
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Seeing What Others Can't (ebook) Seeing What Others Can't (ebook)
God has given you spiritual eyes. With spiritual vision you can see all things as more
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The Weapons of Your Warfare (ebook) The Weapons of Your Warfare (ebook)
The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through Him to pull down those more
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Unlocking Prophetic Imaginations (ebook) Unlocking Prophetic Imaginations (ebook)
Imaginations can change the world, your world. in fact, the world and history have more
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Unlocking Spiritual Authority (ebook) Unlocking Spiritual Authority (ebook)
Spiritual authority moves you forward by empowering you to make a difference in your more
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